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out of town bride wants a church wedding

My fiance and I would like to get married in a church. This is one of the first things we decided on when we got engaged. We are both have a long history of being active and involved members in our churches. The problem is that we are planning to get married in upstate NY where I am from and where I have not lived in about 10 years (He has never lived there).

We are having a lot of trouble finding a congrgation that will let us get married in their church.  Especially since we would like one of our long term pastors to come and marry us. I have tried calling (I can not visit in person because I am across the country)  and explaining that we really do want to get married in a church because the religion is a big part of our lives, but so far no one has even been willing to work with us. I''m at a loss and very frustrated.

So far I've only found one church which will let us do it but the price they are asking is way out of our budget.

Has anyone had this problem before or have any advice?


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