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Military Christams Party

Hey all!
I hope this Monday night finds you all well. I have a quick NWR question. Have any of you attended a Military Christmas Party? FI is Army Reserves and they are hosting a Christmas party. Wives, Girfriends and FI are invited. They are all wearing class A's. What do other guests wear?
I guess I have ideas, but don't want to show up too over/under dressed. Last year FI's unit was overseas (he switched) and the year before FI was overseas. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Military Christams Party

  • mysticlmysticl
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    I went to DH ship's party one year.  They didn't wear their uniforms and the invites stated semi-formal to formal.  I wore a long skirt and a silk sweater and fit in just fine.  There was a huge range of dress from a couple of guys in jeans to women in evening gowns.  I consulted a friend who is an officer's wife and she said that my outfit was fine since DH is E6 but she would have to go a bit fancier since her H is an officer. 
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  • Beachy730Beachy730
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    What type of venue is the party at?  That could give you some ideas as what to wear.  H was on shore duty the last few years in a small office, so Christmas parties were just small get togethers for dinner and drinks and very informal. 

    Are there any other FI's or wives you know that you can ask?  From the Navy ball's I've been to and other events, there is always a wide range in what the women wear.  You probably would be safe in a nice cocktail dress, as long as long dresses aren't expected.  But I would consider the venue, and ask around a bit.
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  • Sammy0709Sammy0709
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    Just remember that technically when you go to an event, you are supposed to match the formality of your SO's uniform.  He is in his class A's which, if I remember correctly, is the green suit.  I agree with PP.  A cocktail dress should be appropriate.
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    Thanks for the help!
    I was thinking a cocktail type dress. I unfortunately do not know any of the other women from the unit, because when he was deployed he was in a different unit that was out of state, and then he transfered while this unit was overseas. This party will most likely be held at the Reserve Unit's new building, as they want to showcase it, I'm sure.
    Thanks again, I really do appreciate it!
  • BabyDoll0525BabyDoll0525
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    I was honestly about to ask the same question. Thanks for getting to it before me. I have no idea! Any help?
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