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What are everyone's weekend plans?

We WERE going to go out on a date night but yesterday Navy Fed called and all 4 of our card numbers were stolen and used online. Thank god Navy Federal declined them (really- me buying a $600 coat in London??). But that means we have no access to cards or taking out money. We could do cash back at the store with a check or something but I'm still feeling weird about our accounts. We are going to try not to spend money this weekend.

So anyway, we'll just be hanging around the house.
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Re: Saturdayyyy

  • Hi hike!

    We are having a cookout today with some friends. I'm looking forward to it. I love that it is january and i'm planning a cook out
  • Howdy! I'm chillin for now, watching Jack Hannah (primates episode)! But after this, I have dishes to do, and laundry to put away.

    Tomorrow morning, Kara and I have orientation at SPCA for working in the kennels/catteries. I'm pumped!!
  • I want my grill here for a cook out Sara!

    When it comes, we should plan a weekend for you and H to come down for the night. We could do a cookout, drinking, and game night.
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  • Ohh I like that plan! 
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    Cornhole too!

     and maybe we can convince Crown, Sammie, Cate, and H to come too....

    edit: and texas ranger AND amh!
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  • Good morning!  I have a little quiet in my house right now.  My friend that is staying with me for a bit went over to the house she is renting.  It's been great having someone here with me, but man a 4 year old kid is absolutely exhausting.  
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  • Morning Hike!!
    I'm planning on doing some baking today or tomorrow... I'm babysitting tonight and we might go see 'One for the Money".. who knows.. I'm tired this morning..
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    Hey Beach! Are you free for a gtg tomorrow for dinner and/or drinks?

    ETA: with me and Kara :)
  • Hey Beachy! I wanna see pics of the painting and what not that you have done! ARe you just loving it all?? I would be. 
  • I'm down for a Cookout!!
  • Hi friends!! Watching the ladies final of the Australian Open, doing some cleaning and then BIL and FSIL are visiting. We're going to DSW and Hobby Lobby! (well, the ladies are. The guys are getting beer.) 

    Beach, yeah we want DIY pics!!!
  • I am doing laundry today. Woot woot! Undecided
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  • Cookout...yes please! :) I am down! Hike that totally sucks. A couple of years ago TJMaxx had their account or something hacked and my card was one of the ones that was taken never used but it is so annoying because you never realize how much you use the card. Glad they caught it. I took the pups to the vet and it was the worst visit yet. Gunner chased a cat up and down the hall. Roxie gave a warning nip (according to the vet tech). I mean I guess if they were sticking up me I would be upset too. Roxie never does that. Oh and then she pooped in her kennel. Yay had to clean it up in the parking lot if the vet's office and she had just gone to the bathroom.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Saturdayyyy</a>:
    [QUOTE]Morning Hike!! I'm planning on doing some baking today or tomorrow... I'm babysitting tonight and <strong>we might go see 'One for the Money"</strong>.. who knows.. I'm tired this morning..
    Posted by SamiJoeB[/QUOTE]<div>My friends and I went to see this last night. The theater was PACKED. It was pretty good. Had some really funny moments.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Saturdayyyy</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Saturdayyyy : My friends and I went to see this last night. The theater was PACKED. It was pretty good. Had some really funny moments.
    Posted by Tiddlywinkles[/QUOTE]

    Have you read the books? Geeg got me into them, and I passed them on to Calindi, and I think Kara has them now..
  • FI left yesterday morning for some kind of training. Usually he comes home every night but this time they traveled about 5 hours and they are staying for 3 days. :/

    Today was my day to sleep in and of course I wake up at my usual time. Now I'm just being lazy and waiting for my MOH to get off of work so we can go look for BM dresses.

    I've been in such a miserable mood lately and I really hope nothing blows up today.
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  • Omg I slept in until 9am today and it felt amazing!!! I'm so jealous of a gtg at hikes :( damn you, CA!
  • I slept in (and it was wonderful!)

    I'm jealous because FI is going to dance. I wish I was with him to go :( but I'm glad that he loves it enough to do it without me and that it's something we have in common. 

    I will be spending my Saturday studying, and then going to see my horse. The band we booked for our reception has a gig tonight that I'm going to try to swing by, and then I go to work at 11p for 4 hours (we call it a princess shift, and rightfully so! lol)

    Tomorrow I'll go to church and do more studying. I'm trying to be ready to take my next exam midweek. I'm studying reproductive health, some if it I like, other parts are almost TMI to even read about.

    GTG's are so much fun. AMH and I have had a blast the times we've gotten together. 
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  • I'm hanging out down in Dallas area with my family down here. I had been tired of spending my weekends in my apartment alone with wedding projects, so I took them down here. Hah. Plus, I wanted some home cooking, and not to mention playing mario cart with my nephew is always a good time.

    I still have college student mentality, bringing my dirty laundry home to do...but hey it saves me 2.50 and i bring my wn soap...I just don't llike going to the laundry mat. PITA.

  • Amanda- I don't blame you if you don't have your own washer and dryer.
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  • Ok I'm off to look at dresses! ;)
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  • Sam, I really want to watch that movie with you!!!!

    I have most of the books still - I was going to mail them to Kara when she finishes the first 3!!!  Or I'll just mail them back to you?

    It's warm enough here to go to the beach and go swimming.  Sasha loves the sand and chasing birds, she hated swimming (but she's good at it!)



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