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I didn't want my post to get lost in the qotd post.

Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate how strong you had to be then AND now.
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    Thank you. I will say that more people on the internet know than in my real life, ah, the joy on anonymity, I was always someone who said that I was pro-choice, but i could never terminate a pregnancy myself, but the second I found out that I was pregnant, I absolutely knew what I would do. It's weird the way that just crystallized my feelings totally.

    Also, to anyone who reads this, I would definitely be on anyone's list of people who shouldn't be "allowed" to have one. I wasn't abused (we had been dating about 3 months at this point, continued to date another 9 after--we were just really incompatible, but he's a good guy), I wasn't raped, it definitely wasn't incest. My BCPs failed after some antibiotics and we weren't as careful about using condoms as back-up as we should have been. My boyfriend at the time was totally supportive of the abortion, and I am grateful for that every day.

    I just like to bring myself up as an example, because lots of people don't know someone (who admits) that she has had one, and I like them to see that's it's not just a faceless issue. And I know there are many women who do struggle with their decision and fall into depressions afterwards or have medical complications, but more often than not this was a fully informed decision  and many women do not havethose side effects. I don't.

    That got long-sorry. Also, Hike, I saw that you recommended TCOYF, I'd love to know more about that. FI and I have been talking about it, my BCPs have started to have some very weird side effects this last year.
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    You should definitely read it. We are trying for babies right now, that's why I read it but they have chapters dedicated to natural birth control. I learned so much throughout that book. It blew my mind!
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