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So I was cleaning our bathroom yesterday and there is this really annoying ring around the toilet bowl right where the water line is.  I have tried mulitple chemicals and just scrubbing it, but it won't budge.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Random question

  • It might be a hardwater stain. We had them in our current house when we moved in. I just threw undiluted bleach in for a few days, and flushed often. It did the trick, with no scrubbing :) Takes awhile though. I just kept a gallon of bleach right next to the toilet, and it almost took the entire thing before it went away.

    It still happens in our guest bath if we go a long time without using it, so now we make sure to flush in there once in awhile.
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  • If it is a hard water stain, could you get a water softener to prevent further staining?
  • Yep, what both of them said!  You could clean with bleach (I add bleach, let it sit a few hours, then flush and scrub.  Repeat. As much as necessary!) and then to prevent further staining, you can put a little disk inside the top of the toilet bowl to soften the water.



  • There is some stuff called CLR.  You can get it at Walmart and most other places.  Pour it in the bowl for a few minutes and it should take it right out. 
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    Thanks for the hints, girls. I also have this problem! And Soft Scrub has not completely taken care of the ring.
  • Thanks ladies!  I'll try to bleach since I happen to have some handy.  If that doesn't work, then I'll def. try the CLR.
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