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Colors for Groomsmen?

My FI will be wearing dress blues, along with 3 of his 5 groomsmen.  The other two (one of which is his BM) need something to wear. :)  Does anyone have suggestions (or pictures!) of wedding parties with mixed uniforms and civilian attire? We don't know whether to do navy blue suits, black tuxes, etc.

Wedding is in October in VA!

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Re: Colors for Groomsmen?

  • Hi There!

    First off, congrats on your upcoming wedding! 

    What color are the bridesmaids dresses?

    If you match your GM to your BM's, it will look classy. Really just pick colors that you both like. Anything looks good with uniforms... don't worry about matching his uniform. Pick things that speak to your tastes. If your GM's match or compliment the BM's, then it will look classy. 

    Where in VA are you getting married? 
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    DH is Navy, 2 were Army, 2 were civilian. Military wore their dress blues and civilians wore tuxes for our vow renewal. I'll post a pic later when I'm on my computer. As far as colors do whatever you want I'm pretty sure you asked about colors but I can't see the post from my phone. ETA: the tuxes were black.
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    FI will be in his Mess Dress, his GM will be in black tuxes with long ties instead of bow ties and no vests/cummerbunds. I agree that uniforms go with everything, so just worry more about matching the formality or the occasion and time of day. 

  • Excellent, thank you all for the help!  The bridesmaids will be in sage green.  We'll definitely consider the formality of the evening. :)

    firemedicrr, we're getting married in Williamsburg, home of our Alma Mater! :)
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  • Congrats!

    My wedding is this Saturday - FI will be wearing his dress blues along with one of his GM who is also a Marine. The other two GM will be wearing white tuxes with coral-colored vests underneath to match the BM dresses. We chose white tuxes because we thought that would be fitting for an outdoor summer wedding :)
  • We're having FI and one of his Best Men in USMC Dress Blues.  His other groomsman & my brother will be in grey suits with ties.  There's no bridesmaids, so the 'colors' are in the ties.



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