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Way to incorporate Bride's Brother

Does anyone have any ideas about a creative way to include the bride's brother in the ceremony?

My FI already has many groomsmen and it would be hard to put my brother in there as well. I know that he could be an usher but I would like for him to have a special part. Maybe a brotherly reading during the ceremony?

Does anyone know of a specific reading that they have heard read from a brother to a sister?

Any ideas are much appreciated! (He will be 16 at the time of the wedding)

Re: Way to incorporate Bride's Brother

  • Have him as one of your attendants is my best suggestion.  And I'm hoping that you aren't saying that he can't be in your FI's WP because then the sides would be uneven.  Because that absolutely doesn't matter.  At.  All.

    He can do a reading.  Google wedding readings and you'll find a lot.  I wouldn't worry about trying to make it a "brotherly" reading from a brother to his sister.  After all, the wedding is about you and your FI as a couple.  So a reading about marriage or sharing your lives together makes a lot more sense to me.
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  • My brother was one of my attendants because he and DH don't really get along.  Having him on DH's side would have made things even, but we preferred to have the split be by relationship rather than gender.  Worked out beautifully.
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    I would have him as a brides' man.  
  • He can (as previously mentioned) be a bride's attendant/bridesman.

    Alternatively, an usher is a great thing for a brother to do.  He can escort grandma/mom/etc. to their seats.  Also a reading like you said is great.  I don't think I've ever seen readings "from a brother to a sister" or anything like that - usually the readings are just about love, or about marriage and commitment.  I wouldn't worry too much about finding a certain brother to sister reading, I expect it would be quite challenging and unnecessary.

    Another option is to do a speech at the reception, which would be more of a place for the brother-to-sister communication you might be looking for.

    Is he a musician?  Could he perform a song during the ceremony or as your first dance at the reception?
  • We are having my brother as a grromsmen but his sister is doing a I think being a reader or having him be on your side whichever one he is more comfortable with.
  • My 2 brothers were ushers. 

    I really like your reading idea.  Is there a book that means something to your family?  Maybe something that was read to you both as children?  Oh The Places You'll Go! comes to mind, but it might not be serious enough for you.  I've heard of lots of people using passages from Winnie The Pooh and I've also heard the part from The Velveteen Rabbit where the rabbit and skin horse are talking about how you become real when someone loves you.

    Good luck!
  • I'm in the same situation, however, I was thinking of having him as an usher and to walk me 1/2 down the aisle and then hand off to my dad.  And I also agree with asking him what he wants to do (if you haven't already)
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  • We had a small wedding party, 3 on each side. H had his best friend and 2 brothers as groomsmen. So my brother and my one male cousin who I am close to were ushers at the church.

    One of H's SILs and my SIL each did readings, my aunt did the intentions, and our moms brought up the offeratory gifts. So we were able to involve a lot of people we wanted to have be a part of the ceremony somehow.
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