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My future wife & I are debating back and forth about videography.  She wants it, I DO NOT!  Not only do I think it is over priced, but I don't want a videographer to be in my face all night.  With that said, I do think it would be nice for our family to be able to watch our vows; so we're torn.  I was searching the internet for advise about this and found a site called Flip a Hit (http://www.flipahit.com)  This idea looks like a great idea.  What is everyone's thoughts on this?  Should I suck it up and let a videographer into our wedding day or book flip a hit for a completely different approach?!

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  • We had a flip camera - it was super amateur footage, but we value it anyways and my husband edited it into something nice looking. Also, you could compromise by setting up a computer to skype the ceremony. 

    That being said, there were things that I wanted and things H wanted & couldn't agree on, we picked our battles and compromised when needed. No one can really tell you what things are for you & when to compromise on or not. Pick your battles, but try to gauge how important this one is to her. Good luck :)
  • We had a family friend use her flip camera to film our wedding and important reception events. At times it is a little shaky, but the sound is great and we love having it. Plus it was free. If you go this route, keep in mind battery life. She went through 3 or 4 battery changes during the whole afternoon/evening.
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