Ceremony/Reception/Florist in Casper, WY

We're planning a summer wedding in Casper, WY but are currently living in Chicago.  Any ideas for venues?  Anyone know of a good florist?  We're hoping for an outdoor ceremony on Casper Mountain.

Re: Ceremony/Reception/Florist in Casper, WY

  • We're having our wedding on Casper Mountain as well. We're having our wedding at Camp Wyoba. It's a small camp with an outdoor chapel. It's $250. The maximum capacity is 75 people. There's also Bear Trap Meadow which has a pavilion and a huge meadow for you to be able to put chairs, tables, etc. It's $40 for the rental and $35 for an alcohol permit. There's also Crimson Dawn. I'm not sure if they do weddings there but it's gorgeous and has an amazing view.

    If you want more of an "upscale" reception, you can rent out the Petroleum Club

    I'm still having a hard time finding a good florist in Casper. I'd just google search "Florists in Casper, WY" and do some research that way.

    I wish I had pictures of the locations for you but I don't. 
    Best of luck.
  • Thanks so much for the suggestions!!!
  • Any updates on your locations and florists?

    You could look at the Wolcott Galleria for a reception or ceremony.

    I know you want outdoors on the mountain.
    This place looks beautiful and is outdoors.

    As for florists, try Nate's or Keefe's.
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