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Guess what I did?

I broke my foot. I was playing with bruce at the lake part of the dog park and slipped in the water. Got a nice cut on it too. I cant do crutches as it is just too much weight for my left foot. Not sure how i am gonna make it to the drs office tomorrow. Not liking being stuck at home all day.

Re: Guess what I did?

  • tafft1tafft1 member
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    Coming from someone who broke their foot a few years back - do not try to rush anything , listen to everything they tell you and do whatever you possibly can for treatment. My foot still has arthritis in it and most likely will the rest of my life but that is because I had to learn how to walk on it while it was still broken because I couldn't afford the 10k surgery to fix it :( Hopefully its not as bad as mine was , take care.
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  • meamollymeamolly member
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    They have given me hope that I would not need to have surgery. I sure as hell hope I dont. I am glad I have insurance and short term disability to help out a little. NO texas next month :o(
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    Oh god. I broke my foot last year and am currently in another foot cast because of bone surgery. I know it sucks. I can't use crutches either, and have to rely on a wheelchair and then hop on a walker when I need to. Will your insurance cover a wheelchair? This sucks.

    Feel better.
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    Ugh, that sucks!  I broke my foot last winter, it was such a pain to have limited mobility, but I'm glad I took my doctor's advice and got rides everywhere for a couple weeks!
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles member
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    Sorry to hear that! I hope you don't need surgery. My BF's sister thinks she might have broken her ankle tonight, but will she let me look at it? (My lifeguard training taught me how to recognize if something was broken or not...but not anything past that) Nope. She is insisting on going out with her friends (I guess thats a high school girl for ya). I hope its just a sprain and she doesn't over do it. I love the girl to death but sometimes I think she is too tough for her own good. She broke 2 of her fingers last year and took off all the binding the doctor had put on it too early and now her ring finger on her left hand didn't heal quiet right.

    Anyways, I'm so sorry you broke your foot and I hope the healing process will go quickly for you.

  • bajedivabajediva member
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    Oh wow, so sorry! Here's hoping that your recover is speedy, sans surgery.
  • Hazel_BHazel_B member
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    So, sorry to hear that. I hope you don't need curgery and will have a speedy recovery!
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    That stinks!  Hope your foot heals quickly!
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    I hope it heals quickly! I've broken many bones (ankle 3 times, clavicle once, and foot once) and my advice is the same as tafft and mango...take it easy and let it heal. It will suck to be stuck inside but it will be worth it to let it heal correctly so you don't have to worry about it after a few weeks.

    Feel better!
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  • LizzyTish88LizzyTish88 member
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    Aw hun, sorry to hear about this, hope you recover soon.
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  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Awww that sucks! I hope you heal up soon, hun

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  • meamollymeamolly member
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    I dont know if it is the pain pills or what. I feel like crying all the time. I wish I did not break my foot. It is a big inconvenience for my boyfriend having to do all this stuff for me. The Apartment is in no way wheel chair accessible and I cant even get all the way into the bathroom! They put me in a boot but I think my Dr is insane. The only part that I like about the boot is that I can take it off. I really dont trust that I could walk on it in a boot. I know that I am not a Dr or anything, I just dont trust it.
    I feel guilty for not going to work. I lcant drive as it is my right foot and even if I did have a ride how am I gonna get to the desk? It is a very long walk to my area. Also  I cant stay awake very long due to the pain pills. My dr even gave the impression I should be able to work, I would just need to find a wheel chair. When I asked him where I could rent one he had no suggestion.
    Really? Really? ARRRGH!
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    I broke my foot in 3 places once, as well as snapping my toe completely in half (it was a beautiful move).  I was in a walking cast for 12 weeks.

    Best piece of advice I would say is see a good podiatrist.  An orthopedic surgeon will usually see a reason to opt for surgery, but having a good podiatrist will save you a lot of headaches as ultimately they want your feet in good working condition.

    My toe is permanently crooked, but that's my fault (I sort of pretended it didn't hurt for two weeks since we were on a cruise, and it turned out not just my toe was broken - 3 other bones snapped!).  If you get a podiatrist to set things right for you, the walking cast (along with crutches to hold some of the weight) should be fine.

    Good luck, and if you need any suggestions on how to deal with a walking cast, let me know!  I had it for 6 weeks.
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