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Organized Interrogation

OK, I like being organized.

If it's OK with everyone, I'd like to make a list of who wants to participate at some point, that way we can cross people off after their turn.  If it's ok, I'll draw a name out.

Say, 'aye' if you agree and want to participate, or tell me you want me to change something.

Mon-Fri good for you ladies? I don't really get on here on weekends.

Also, tell me if there's a bad time for you. Example: Mondays, I have 12.5 hours of class or work is horrendous.

ETA: Interested posters-

-Narwhal (T, Th, F)
-Kayley (T, Th)
-Bren (No Wed)
-Peekaboo (M,W,F)
-Marley (After 3/7)
-Ember (M,W,F)
-Sapphire (Th)
-Shoes (WTF)
-Allusive (No F)
-cu79tiger (After 3/14)
-Bourgehm (M, F)
-Sparkles (F)
-Luvdncn (M)
-Blue&White (Th,F)
-deburnin (No Th)
-GPB (?)
-jenjennifer (M, F)
-Sunbird (M, W, Th) No 3/21-25
-RavenRay (F,S)

Sheesh...I'm having flashbacks of creating work schedules.

EETA: Grey means the poster has been interrogated.  Someone correct me if I get it mixed up.
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