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Vibes please?

Needing some positive energy directed toward my BF's job situation. He works for the state right now, which is currently going bananas with union vs. governor drama and massive layoffs. BF's job is safe for now, but his workload and stress level are about to go through the roof because of layoffs in his department, which was understaffed to begin with. It also puts him in the position of being the first one on the chopping block if there is a second round of layoffs, which looks likely at this point. He's been looking to get out of the state system and just interviewed for a position yesterday that has a lot of the things he's looking for (flexible hours, telecommuting options) and would also mean a REALLY big pay increase. This could be huge for us in terms of dealing with our student loan debt and being able to start saving for a wedding and a house. Fingers crossed that he gets it!
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