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Really big rings?

My boyfriend and I have been talking about engagement and all things surrounding that, including rings. This is the 2nd time he will have been engaged (the first time didn't work out, lucky for me!) so he knows about buying a ring. However, his first time getting a ring, he went to the store, picked it out, and then did some digging to find her ring size, and bought it. I have told him, and showed him, what I want, so there's no question about that, but I have huge fingers. When I was in high school, my class ring was a 13, and I can't imagine that they've shrunk at all since then. Most places I see only go up to a 9 or 10. So 2 questions: 1) where CAN you find rings somewhere in an actual store (he doesn't do online shopping) and 2) how do I break it to him that even though he thinks I'm joking when I say I have giant, fat fingers that I'm not kidding? Any advice? Thanks!

Re: Really big rings?

  • tidetraveltidetravel
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    I thought this post was going in another direction ::sigh::Sounds like something that you would have to custom order.  If you guys have talked about getting the ring already, I would suggest just going together to look at some rings and getting sized.
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    I agree with everything tide said.
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  • tbh33tbh33
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    Ditto Tide.  She's always (or usually) fairly quick to answer and always has good advice.  Plus, I'd hate to get my perfect ring and realize it's too small and then find out that I can't get it anymore.  So better to find out the size and go from there or possibly even have a custom one done.
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    ditto what tide said you can always look into getting something custom made but other than than the sizing is probably going to have to be custom ordered. As far as breaking it to him I'd just go to a store somewhere and get your finger sized so you can get it right.
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  • ac_in_dcac_in_dc
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    You guys should go to a store together, then they can size it, do customization, etc. If you want to go the traditional route and don't want to officially go ring shopping, you could always go to a jewelry store by yourself or with a friend and ask them what to do.  It may not be a bad idea to try on some rings if you can, even if they're wedding bands (which are unisex). You want to make sure you're picking a ring width that's flattering to your hands (I'd imagine a 1-2mm band width would not work, for example).  

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    Try this website.  They carry rings that are a size 13http://www.brilliantearth.com
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