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We found the ring!!


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    lginn, you have a date set already?  Congratulations.  You're engaged.  :D
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    hehe yeah we have already picked the date june 4the 2011...... just waiting on the ring.....Our anniversary is sept. 10th so maybe it will happen then who knows.... I am going to drive myself crazy.... He keeps telling me to go to all the bridal shows and stuff and i am like i am not engaged and hes like u will be soon.... because down here in texas theres not a lot of bridal shows like they only happen once or twice a year
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    When random people on the internet tell you that you're engaged, you obviously must listen to them and immediately start calling your BF "FI" and just tell him not to worry about proposing, because an internet person told you that you're engaged.Ooga booga, hocus pocus. *crazy finger wiggles*See?
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    Ditto betrothed and cocity.  This is definitely a happy time in my life, but if it turns out to be the happiest I'll ever be, then I'll be sorely disappointed. Also, paragraphs and punctuation are your friends...learn 'em, love 'em, use 'em. I'm also skeptical that you can find decent quality diamonds for 2 carat tw for 4k.  My ring is under 1.5 carats tw and cost about that much, and my FI got a fantastic deal on it.  Ugh.  Why do people feel the need to turn this board into puppies and rainbows? That's what all the club and local boards are for.  Between this thread and the "OMG! I'm ALSO planning a wedding before I'm engaged!!!!" thread, I think I might have vomit in my shoes. 
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