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Need Ring Ideas for My Electrician

Hey there everyone. Here's a toughie... I am looking for Wedding Ring Ideas for my sweetheart, who is an electrician. In his profession, along with many other mechanics who work with their  hands, they aren't allowed to wear Metal jewelry, especially rings. (In my case, it could conduct electricity)I have been trying to research a type of ring that he could wear. I have thought of plastic, but have only foudn tacky ones, have thought of a tatoo... but not sure he would go for that. Any ideas??Ever so thankful!

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Re: Need Ring Ideas for My Electrician

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    My dad works in heating/air conditioning/etc and he didn't wear his ring until he bought the company and no longer has to go on calls.As I understand it, not only was it about the metal conducting electricity, but also the fact that his ring could catch on something and basically he'd lose a finger.Better to keep the finger, ring or no.Since he's the big man with the office and the desk job now, he and my mom got new wedding rings for their anniversary. Now he wears it.Just sharing. Don't want anybody losing fingers.
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    Are you sure he can wear the ring at all? Some professions don't allow for any jewelry while they are working - my fiance is a fireman and he is not allowed to wear jewelry at all while he is at work.Like Jeana said it would be safer anyway in case the ring got caught on something and then he loses his finger.
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    Fingers are important. *nodnod*
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    In that case I would get him something to wear on special occasions then not everyday.  What does he think?
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    My bf is in the same situation. He won't be allowed to wear his ring while working. So, your bf/fi should get whatever he wants and either not wear it to work or take it off at work. If it's something he's going to be putting in his locker, make sure it's insured if you go with an expensive ring.
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    BF is a carpenter. He could wear a ring to work if he wanted to, but there are so many things that could happen to it (getting it crimped to his finger, getting it caught and losing the finger, the ring would get destroyed, it could conduct electricity and shock him, etc). Basically, there is no reason why he would need to wear one to work, and it is probably safer not to. None of his co-workers wear rings, and most men in trades that I know don't wear them either. Honestly, I would suggest getting a normal, nice ring, and he just won't wear it to work. Seems to be the norm around here.
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    I don't think that he would be able to wear one at all on the job. My friend's dad works in construction and I've only seen him wear his ring once. That was only becuase it was their 30th anniversary and they renewed their vows and got new bands. Just get any band you want. He can wear it outside of work.
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    my FI and I have been looking into wooden rings. I'm not sure if this is your style at all, but we think they are really cool. Here's the website for the place we will most likely buy one from:
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    My FI is an electrician and we got him a tungsten ring. They are non-conductive and also are scratch and wear resistant. He's allowed to wear it to work as often as he wants since it's got rolled edges (won't get caught on things) and non-conductive.
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    My boyfriend and I have agreed that he wont wear a ring. He is a contractor and it can be very dangerous. So he will wear his ring when he is off the job, I like his fingers on his
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    My BF is also an electrician & he will not wear his ring to work haha he's already freaked me out enough with crazy accident stories at work. Like OP said, I like his fingers & hands intact!
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    I have never posted here before, so bear with me, but I used to work for a chiropractor who had a ceramic ring. It was beautiful, just a band, and it was this white, lustery color... Very nice... Very durable, I am not sure where he got it, but I am sure you could google it...
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    My fiance is finishing up his masters in plastics engineering. When hes out of school (in may) and working we both decided it would be best if he didnt wear his ring at work. However because he is a plastic engineer we picked out a tungsten ring with a carbon fiber strip. Carbon Fiber is a composite (dont know if i spelled that right, im quoting him) which is a type of plastic only much harder. So its kind of specific towards him and his degree. My ring is a solitaire but my band (which is actually a wrap) has sapphires in it which is my sons birthstone (my fiance is not his biological father). Im a hairdresser so insead of exposing my ring to shampoo, haircolor, etc ive decided to wear mine on a necklace at work and take it off and wear it on my actual finger when im not at work. Anyways to sum it up neither of us will be wearing our rings at work but to make them special we added unique aspects (sapphire, or carbon fiber) that is unique to both of us.
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