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    Dear BF,
    I love you and you love me, so can we please stop being mean to each other?
    Love, your GF who misses you dearly

    Dear Period,
    You suck, I hate you, and I wish you would stop causing problems with me and BF. You literally make me crazy.
    Sincerely, Heart

    Dear Hot Chocolate,
    I heart you! You made me feel so much better.
    Love, me.
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    In Response to <a href="">Open Letter Wednesday!</a>:
    [QUOTE]If you don't know what it is, you just write a letter to someone/something that's bothering you. Like a vent. It's fun. Follow after me. Dear prof, We are not in junior high. I understand you're a new teacher and feel the need to follow everything to the T, but still... <strong>You don't need to literally take our phones away from us</strong> if you see them sitting on our desks and take them back to your office with you and keep them a weekend. That's ridiculous. And quite dangerous. What if you take someone's phoen away and they have a medical thing happen over the weekend and need to call 911 and can't? That's dangerous. Hope
    Posted by bourgehm[/QUOTE]

    I straight up wouldn't let her.  You are paying for the class, where does she get off taking people's phones.  I can understand yelling at students and cackling like a witch, but not actually taking a phone and holding it hostage.
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    Late to the party and it's not Wednesday anymore but ...

    Dear "Today Show",
    Stop tempting me by featuring heartbreaking stories about dogs that are up for adoption in my area. I have been so starved for canine attention and want a dog of my own so badly I can taste it. You are making me cry, you butts. I am still bummed over not being able to adopt musikbox's crazy friend's Yorkie that she didn't want.
    Love, Bella

    Dear Apartment Complex,
    COME ON! Why the no-pet policy?! Not even small dogs? It's not like this place isn't big enough! Can you please, please lift te no-pet policy? I would be exponentially less depressed if I had a doggie here with me.
    Love, quite possibly a soon-to-be former tenant

    PS My neighbor has 2 cats. So f*ck you.

    Dear cold,
    Go away. I have plans this weekend and YOU WON'T RUIN THEM!
    Love me.

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    Dear french fries,
    Please start being better for me. Less fat grams that go straight to my thighs would be greatly appreciated. But don't forget to keep all of your flavor.

    With love,

    Dear BF,
    Please stop stressing about money, what my ring looks like, and how we'll pay for a wedding. I love you, you love me, let's do this thing! :)

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