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    Enjoy the drunk baby: 

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    [QUOTE]Enjoy the drunk baby: 
    Posted by rdr716[/QUOTE]

    haha laughing at my desk. It's too late...just 29 minutes left then it's the weekend!
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    Hahaa - those are adorable. I love that baby, and hope he sees all these when he's older.

    In other news, to combat my boredom... I booked a trip to Jamaica. Seriously. I've been looking at travel sites lately, but hadn't even been close to booking something or even making up my mind about where I wanted to go on vacation, then I found a good deal for a decent looking all-inclusive in Jamaica, including airfare. I showed the details to BF, confirmed that we would each just need to take off three days of work (trip will be Wed.-Sun.), and he said he was on board. So yeah, I get to go to Jamaica on January 16th. Woohoo!
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