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Creative ways to ask relative to be officiant at ceremony?

We want my fiance's cousin to be the officiant at our wedding. We are confident he will be the perfect person, the thing we need help with is HOW to ask him.

We live across the country from him and so we will have to do a video to ask him. We are considering sending him a package or letter that says to go to the website that the video will be posted on. Then in the video we will ask him. 

I am looking for creative and thoughtful ways to send something to him with the video address. Or any creative wording you have in mind.


Re: Creative ways to ask relative to be officiant at ceremony?

  • He's not a bridesmaid - he doesn't need a creative way to be asked to be your officiant.

    Call him.
  • We feel guilty we can't do it in person, so a video with a follow up phone call is more sentimental to us than just picking up the phone. 

    I just would like a creative presentation of a website link or something sent in the mail...who doesn't like to get fun mail?

  • I understand wanting to be creative and unique but you are making it way to complicated for yourself. Just call.
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  • I'm not clear on why you need to ask him "creatively."  Why couldn't you just say, "Relative, Fiance and I would love it and be very honored if you would be willing and able to officiate at our wedding ceremony" ?
  • I agree with the last this posts. I found this thread because I was looking for a creative way to ask my brother. Rather than getting great suggestions it was filled with people typing hot air. We want people with suggestions.
  • Thanks USAFwifetobeNikki! I liked your poem idea alot so we are asking our brother-in-law to marry us by making a little book that will include gift cards. Example: Page 1 - Whiskey needs to be aged (will include a GC to a cool bar) Page 2 - Chickens need to be tended to (will include GC to Chick-fil-A) Page 3 - Cheese needs to be churned (will include cheese delivery service) Page 4 - We need to be wed...will you officiate our wedding (will include GC to cover cost of certification) From this you can tell our brother-in-law likes making his own whiskey blends, cheese and owns chickens...I think the extra thought is not only fun for us but we know he'll love it!
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    @KnotPorscha, zombie thread.

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