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Hey girls! So as a single girl, I've been having some fun recently, flirting and such. One of my friends from college (year older than me but since I'm graduating a year early also a senior) is coming up Sunday to hang out. (pretty much a date.) 

With many of you girls in various stages of relationship, I thought it would be a fun time to ask what your first date was like with your current SO or what are some crazy/fun/unique first dates you've been on? 

Re: First Date Stories

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    Our relationship had kind of a weird, nebulous beginning, but the night we both say was our first day was just dinner and a movie.  And then sex on his futon.
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    My first date with BF was hilarious. We started dating our freshman year of college and for our first date we went to the student theater on campus. I don't know why but that night we were literally the only people in the theater.

    Well the student theater was sponsored by the local sex shop so the person who ran the theater had to go through the whole demonstration for just the two of us.  He said usually they have two different couples act out some sort of sexual act and whichever one the crowd likes more wins something from the sex shop but since we were the only ones there we automatically win and then handed BF a package of edible underwear.

    We still laugh about it. It wasn't exactly what I expect for a first date, especially one with BF (a guy who hadn't even kissed a girl). I don't even remember what movie we were seeing.

  • Our first date was at the hookah bar for angry poetry night. (This is what I call it because there was always some angry poetry read). He had never been to a hookah bar before, and it was/is one of my favorite things to do. We were supposed to go play pool, but I didn't feel like embarassing myself on the first date, and he didn't want to go bowling because of his bad knee.

    It was great, very low-key, and chill. He dropped me back off at my door, and leaned in just a smidge, like he was gonna try and kiss me, but he didn't make a move, so I just got out of the car lol.

  • After he stalked me at the Y for weeks he finally asked me out for sno-cones after work on a Thursday night (he was out of town for 2 weekends in a row).

    Went for sno-cones and shut the place down. Then he drove me back to me car, and after an hour of talking in the parking lot the cops stopped us for loitering at the YMCA! We explained the situation and he let us go, but then 3 hours later I got a text from my angry niece wondering if I was still alive. It was 3:30 in the morning and we were still just sitting in his truck talking! And I had to be at work the next day at 7.. that was ROUGH!

    I joke that was our first pre-date since it was a week night and he didnt make a move! Our first REAL date was 2 weeks later. He picked me up and we went to Snuffers for cheese fries since I have never been. Sat there for 2 hours, went to see a movie (The Other Guys) where he held my hand (!!!) Sat in his truck in the parking lot for an HOUR holding hands and talking. Finally around midnight we went for a drive, ended up at his apartment complex in a random parking lot that was not even his. 2 am rolls around and he invites me up for walter (all that talking) and after about 30 minutes FINALLY kisses me in the kitchen... He took me home at noon the next day.

    Not sex on a futon, but there was showering involved. I managed to hold off a few more dates ;)
  • abwatts-  Don't you hate when cops intterupt your romance?! ;)

    SO and I started out as long time friends living in different states.  He'd told me how he felt, but I had my reservations about it since I didn't really think an LDR would work for me.  But when I came to town to attend our friend's wedding with him, he convinced me to give it a shot.   The night before I left, we decided to start dating.

    Well, that's pretty hard to do when you're a thousand miles away from each other, right?

    The next weekend I complained to him online that I didn't have anyone to see a movie with, and he jumped on a plane that evening. By the time he made it in it was almost midnight, so we ate pancakes and saw the movie the next day.

    By far the most awesome movie date I've ever had. 
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  • I was set up on a blind date with my FI by my boss at the time. My boss had known me all of 3 months and came to work one day saying "I have the perfect guy for you". Since I knew practically no one in the entire state...I went for it. We met at my boss' house for a night of playing pool. I kicked butt (normally I stink at pool) and ended up having a great time. We've been together ever since. Kinda crazy!
  • Our first "date" was the welcome back tiki dance my freshman year of college.  We were drunk, we danced, and he kissed me.  I remember feeling like I was spinning when he kissed me (and not because of the alcohol haha). 
  • Our first date was two days after I broke up with my ex. It wasn't really supposed to be a date, but that's what we consider our first date. We were finishing up some school work and he offered for us to go play pool at the student union to blow off some steam. We played pool and then ate crappy chinese food. And he actually let me pay him for my meal, which I never let him forget! He paid on his credit card (we were splitting an entree) and so I offered him cash to pay for my half and he took it! Then I got sick in the bathroom (he didn't know) because my stomach was upset from being nervous.
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  • BF and I met online.  Because we were internet strangers that had only chatted on the phone before, we had my typical internet first screen date.  We met at bar for drinks.  If I liked someone enough I would get food.  If not I bailed after the drinks. I left hungry a lot.

    We went to a local Irish pub and had a drink.  I liked him so much within the first few minutes I ordered food.  Not sure what it was, but he was different and I didn't feel stuck with a crazy .  We wandered through the neighborhood after dinner for another drink.  My part of the city has some historical landmarks and we stopped and checked all of them out.  I found out later BF, a serious history buff, loved this.  He walked me to the front of my building, and gave me the best kiss goodnight.  I didn't even mind if my doorman saw.  I've been crazy about him since that night.
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  • FI was bartending at my favorite little watering hole. We made cutesy faces and fumbled around like middle schoolers with a crush, except I got free drinks. After hitting on each other for about two weeks, I got bored of the run around, grabbed my balls with one hand, and said "Hey, I waited on the manager of the cinema the other day. He left two movie passes with my tip. Want to go see Fast & Furious 3 with me?"
    (I teased him after a few months that I still had his man card.)

    I spent forever picking out an outfit, and settled on jeans and a  distressed white, long-sleeved shirt that had a swirly black screenprint graphic on it. When he came to pick me up, my roommate answered the door. I walked downstsirs and see jeans and a distressed white long-sleeved button down shirt with a black screenprint graphic. I remember thinking maybe no one would notice. And then my roommate said, "Hey, y'all match. How cute." I excused myself to change.

    We went to the movie, then to the bar, then he dropped me off at home, and I went inside and immedistely deleted my dsting profile.
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  • Please excuse anywhere an 's' is that an 'a' belongs. Typing on my tablet sucks, and it's impossible to edit the last line.
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  • Our first date included going to a movie and out to dinner. Way lame. ;)
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  • You guys are all so cute! :)
  • We met a few times before we dated actually I don't even remember those times but I was with someone then.  In the summer of 2009 we were both single, so our mutual friends decided to go see Avenue Q on broadway & do dinner. We were the only single people in a group of couples.  We got a long really well together and he was so cute too.  

    A month later( I joke about how long it took.. even though we talked that entire month) he asked me out on our first official date. We went to pizzeria uno's for dinner and then we went to a movie.  We saw District 9.  We stayed out in his car talking until 3am, the movie was over at midnight.  When we got to the car and he had a lottery ticket waiting for me and a rose.  He remembered from our theater/dinner date me saying I never played the lottery before.  


  • beth- that's so funny! I would have died from embarrassment.

    We had been friends for a while and had done things together, just the two of us, that neither of us had considered dates. On our first 'real' date we got Thai food for dinner and then tried to go see Sweeney Todd put on by a local college's theater department, but it was all sold out. So, we went to the movies and saw Coraline. After the movie we stood in the parking lot talking for a really, really, really long time. As we were saying goodbye (we were long distance and didn't know when we'd see each other next...) he leaned in and gave me an awkward kiss, pretty much completely missing my lips. Haha.
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  • We met in high school. Our first "date" was him sneaking over in the middle of the night to my room, then us having hours of conversation about books and politics and the usual stuff you can imagine earnest 16-17 year olds talking about. And at some point, I showed off my Beyonce dance moves (I did and can do a mean rendition of the "Crazy in Love" video) and we kissed quite a bit. Eight years later, he'll still remind us both of me wearing giant sweatpants and a sports bra and bootyshaking to attract him. I usually just smirk because hey, it worked.
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    We protested together for almost two years, and between protests, all of us would talk about anti-Scientology stuff in a Skype chat. One night, he randomly asked if I would be interested in going on a date. I stared in confusion at the screen for a minute then typed the first thing that came to my mind: 'why the hell not?' He said that made him nervous, but hey, now we're almost three years in, have a house together, have two dog daughters and a canine son, his family lurves me, et cetera.

    For our first date, we saw a movie at Opry Mills (before the flood destroyed it) and had dinner at what he claimed was a TGI Friday's, but I swear it was a Chili's. We'll never know now because the mall's been completely re-done. Good times.

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    [QUOTE]We protested together for almost two years, and between protests, all of us would talk about anti-Scientology stuff in a Skype chat. One night, he randomly asked if I would be interested in going on a date. I stared in confusion at the screen for a minute then typed the first thing that came to my mind: 'why the hell not?' He said that made him nervous, but hey, now we're almost three years in, have a house together, have two dog daughters and a canine son, his family lurves me, et cetera. For our first date, we saw a movie at Opry Mills (before the flood destroyed it) and had dinner at what he claimed was a TGI Friday's, but I swear it was a Chili's. We'll never know now because the mall's been completely re-done. Good times.
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    </div><div>TGIF was in the mall before it flooded. I don't remember a Chili's there. There's one in Rivergate.
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  • I met FI online while dating lots of people. Not ho dating just meeting people with my pants on to see what was out there. My dates were very unsuccessful and I was ready to shut my profiles down for a while, but I got the sweetest email from FI. It was long beautiful and interesting I could tell he actually read my profile instead of scanning my photos and my interests section. I responded and he continued to impress me so we went to phone, and then our first date.

    Our first date was suposed to be dinner after I ran a local 4 mile race in the evening in June. Its a very hot race every year and horribly supported. Well I signed up weeks before and the weather was slated to be 98 degrees with a heat index of over 105! My friends who were suposed to run it with me chickened out entirely. FI who had never run a race volunteered in their stead after he found out my meow machine had to be put to sleep that morning and my friends called out.

    We met an hour before the race I came in an appropriate cheetah running skirt :D.Well the race turned out TERRIBLE! I'd run 11 miles that morning and due to kitty's situation after the run I couldnt make up for the caloric deficit I was so upset. At mile 1.5 My sugars fell through the floor, and at mile 3 I over heated.

    After the hell run we were suposed to go to dinner, but we ended up talking for hours on the grass around the race which didnt help my sugar situation. I ended up witha headache despite the banana and other small snacks. In the end I followed him to the house he was renting and I freshened up and changed in his powder room. We went to Red Robin for dinner, which I devoured like a starving person.

    After dinner I realised the next day was father's day and it was super late! His location had almost no 24 hour stores and I needed a gift card for my dad's nook! We drove around for an hour looking for a place to get the card it was an adventure.

    Then we went back to his place and I found out more about him and how facinating he is. He gave me 2 national geographics from the 1920s that were duplicates in his collection. I was so excited. We sat around talking till 3:30 in the morning when I left to go home for my father. FI was hoping I'd fall asleep on the couch so he could talk to me more in the morning.

    Needless to say it was the best and worst first date ever. I however knew within hours of meeting him he was the one. I had always been a skeptic till meeting him about soul mates. I have many health issues and the ones he encountered that night he never complained about he just helped me through them something I was unaccustomed to entirely I'm used to taking care of myself. He was sensitive, sweet, and the most interesting person I'd ever met. I'd never met someone equally weird as myself and I couldnt have been happier to give him the chance he deserved.  In the end the most amazing interesting and kindest hearted man I've ever met. He has become my best friend and next year I will be the luckiest woman to call him my husband.

  • Pixie, that's an amazing story. Love it.
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    SO and I met online at first.  I dated a lot in the 2 months I was online...sometimes a coffee date, sometimes a lunch date and sometimes a dinner date...but all in one day.  Embarassed

    That said, I didn't date anyone twice since I started online dating a few years ago other than SO.  They were all nice guys (other than one crazy) but I just "knew" that I would "know". 

    SO and I met at a wine bar, he walked in the door and I "knew"...I thought "here we go, man... is he going to be trouble rolled up in wonderful".  It just came from nowhere. 

    We had a few glasses of wine and he blew out the candle on our table multiple times with his hand gestures...he said he was nervous. 

    We talked for a few hours.  He walked me to a taxi and hugged me.  To this day I tease him that he didn't kiss me...I was waiting patiently and, afterwards, thought he didn't like me (even though on every other first date I didn't want a kiss and avoided them).  I was so bummed until he called me a day or two later and wanted to go out...we went out again (same chemistry) and he kissed me, he asked me out again and the rest is history. 

    I have to say online dating was a huge help for me...I never felt stressed about someone not liking me because I had a ton of dates scheduled (but, then, I was of the mindset that someone could be great no matter a picture, bio, etc. so long as they seemed decent).  I went out with a lot of great guys but, my gosh, when I met SO it was just night and day.  I've never met someone I had a connection to like that. 
  • BF and I met online. We chatted for about a week until I finally asked him if he wanted to get coffee or something. He said he couldn't, he was overseas. He had been deployed three days prior, and never mentioned it. So, we spent the next three months chatting on skype. When he got back into town we had our first real date. Coffee, which went so good, it progressed to lunch. During a snowstorm (yay, snowpocalypse).
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  • FI and I hung out with the same group of friends. We actually hated each other at first but then we slowly got to know each other. One night when we were out I told my friend that I was falling for him. She told her bf, which in return told him. He brought me home from a party one night and I really wanted to kiss him but was too afraid, he didn't kiss me either. When he got home he started texting me and asked me to go to a movie. I think we saw You, Me, and Dupree.

    The downside of us hanging out just us to in the beginning was that the day after our date I went on a 10 day trip. Thought oh great there was my chance, I was wrong! He text/we talked on the phone the whole time I was gone. The day I returned, he stayed up all night so he could see me when I got home (5am). Two weeks after that we made it official. We've been together over 4 years now.


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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: First Date Stories : TGIF was in the mall before it flooded. I don't remember a Chili's there. There's one in Rivergate.
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    .......... I refuse to believe that Tyler was right :x.

  • H picked me up in a bar, lol.  I was ordering a round of drinks for me and my friend and he came up to order a drink next to me and just and said "you're short".  I always tell him I must have immediately saw something in him because if it had been any other guy, I would've just said "I know" and walked off.  But we talked until they kicked us out of the bar, which was like 2:30 am.  I don't know how we got on the topic, but we were joking that we'd get married in 3 years.  H even put it as an appointment in his phone as "marry that one girl from that one bar".  That was November 21, 2008, we got married November 5, 2011, so pretty damn close.  LOL.

    Then he gave me and two of my friends a ride home (with them texting in the backseat that I had to make out with him since he gave us a ride).  I gave him a really chaste kiss on the lips and he called me the next day and we went out that night.  He picked me up, we went to dinner, and then met up with some of his friends at a bar, then we went back to his house to watch Sponge Bob, lol.  We both fell asleep, so I ended up staying the night.  I just remember my sister calling me the next morning to ask how my date went and I had to tell her I was still there.  Ha ha.  We've been together ever since...
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    Love this thread! 

    I met BF a few years ago at a party for a mutual friend "B",  (BF had been this guy's college roommate). Him and his roommate flirted with me and my roommate (he claims to not even remember meeting me), but we had to leave to go to another party, so nothing happened. 

    About a year and a half ago, I went to a party at a bar downtown (NYC) for another one of "B"'s college friends, and BF was there with him roommate again. This time, I talked with both of them for a while, and when my friends wanted to leave, I said "Go right ahead, I'm staying!". Pretty soon, BF was buying me drinks, and we couldn't stop talking, and then we couldn't stop making out. Classy, I know. I whispered to our mutual friend "I'm taking this guy home with me." Again, classy. And I did. 

    The next morning, we hung out in bed for hours. He showed me how to download movies & TV shows and we watched a few episodes of "Party Down". I couldn't believe how sweet and cute he was, and how comfortable I felt around him. When I kissed him goodbye at my doorway, he said "We should hang out again soon!", but I didn't expect much (I had been living in the city for two years and was already a jaded New Yorker). I went to brunch with my mom, grandpa, and uncle, who had come in to belatedly celebrate my 24th birthday, and I COULD NOT stop smiling. Later, I told my mom that I had gone out with two guys named Mike in the previous week - one was almost done with Med school, the other worked part time for a non-profit. Of course, the one I liked wouldn't be wielding a scalpel anytime soon :-). She was not surprised, lol.

    Our real "first date" took place exactly a week later. I met him at a bar/restaurant near my apartment, and I remember practically jogging over there because I was so excited. I wasn't even nervous, I was just thrilled to get to see him again. He finally worked up the courage to kiss me again a few hours later (didn't seem to matter that he had already seen me naked - he was still a chicken!). It's all history after that. We saw eachother every weekend for a few weeks, then a few times a week, then moved in together after 8 months, and we're still going strong at about a year and a half. I still can't believe how lucky I am :-)
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  • Our first "date" involved dinner at a Mexican place followed by hot sex at my apartment.  We'd already been sleeping together at that point.
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: First Date Stories : .......... I refuse to believe that Tyler was right :x.
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    <div>Our little secret?</div>
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  • We met in college and had the same group of friends. We jokingly think of our first date as "The Triple Date." 

    Me, him, and our good guy friend went out to thai food and saw a local show that had a few friends playing in it. According to FI this was when he started realizing his feelings for me. Our friend, who's standing on my side of the wedding, apparently noticed this and started getting defensive about FI hitting me. I find it hard to believe but apparently these guys were staring daggers at each other while I was completely oblivious, just happy to be hanging out with my friends!

    A few weeks later I was in a production of Cinderella, where at the cast party I got completely smashed. My friends ended up letting me crash on their couch. I called FI at 2:30 in the morning "just to hear his face". Yeah those were my exact words! FI told me when he got the call, he knew he had a chance.

    The week after that we both got out of class early and decided to go see a movie. We ended up seeing Couples Retreat. Halfway during the movie he learned over and whispered, "I really want to kiss you right now." I happily turned my head and obliged. The rest is history!
  • Well, it wasn't exactly our first date (our first date was a couple rounds of pool, followed by drinks and dancing), but it was our second date a week later.

    My S.O picked me up in his car that night, and we drove to a part of the city that's about 15-20 minutes from my place. We turned of the main stretch of highway, and he started driving to this wooded area (at which point I will admit I was starting to get a bit nervous).  Turned out he was bringing me to this park along the Halifax waterfront where we had a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. And that wasn't even all.

    We were in the parking lot, and he tells me to go and get in the back seat.  Then he went to the trunk of the car (which made me even more anxious...); when he came back, he had a blanket, munchies, and a portable DVD player.  We sat in the back seat of his car and watched a movie, all the while having this phenominal view of the lights twinkling on the harbour. It was the most beautiful, original and memorable date I have ever been on
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