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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Jealous... : That's what I hate the most- all the comments my engaged friend makes like "oh, well you don't understand because YOU'RE not ENGAGED like I am. So you just don't understand how much I miss him after not seeing him for a WHOLE day!" Beth, the way some people (usually younger) act when they're engaged just seems totally naive. How old is your friend? I find mine's always going on about what jewellery she and us BMs should wear,<strong> but she doesn't even consider how she's going to have money for an apartment once she is married.</strong>
    Posted by heyimbren[/QUOTE]

    OMG this. 

    one of my best girl friends got engaged... when her FI didn't even have a job.  he quit school with one semester left to find a job so they could get married.

    could we not have waited 6 months and finished the degree?

    and, do i really have to pay $150 for a BM dress?  i mean, it's a cute dress and all, but the model has no butt... and i have enough butt to go around 3 or 4 times.  even though BF assures me it's cute/attractive/hot, i think he's lying.  although, he's latino, and don't they like big butts???  :-\  i hope so!  and i hope this dress doesn't make me look like...  well.  i don't know.  i'm not even going there.

    you know that movie, 27 dresses?  that's me.  seriously.  i have been in... well 5 weddings since THIS SUMMER.  quit shacking up and getting married, people.  i need a break!  and i'd like to have a NWR convo with my friend...  just one.  i don't ask for much.
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    bethsmilesbethsmiles member
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    My friend just has no idea how much things cost. She thought my nice apartment would only cost like $500 a month. Its like $1200 normally (I got a really good deal so I pay $850 not counting electricity and internet). Her parents have a lot of money so she never really learned the value of a dollar and she is used to always getting her way. The whole situation seems like a recipe for disaster. I think that's what bothers me the most, at least all of my other friends who got married before me seemed ready for it, this couple doesn't.

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    jacquiroxxjacquiroxx member
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    Blah, I know this is a "dead" thread since it's been two days since someone posted, but I have to say that I'm in the same boat.

    BF's best friend just proposed, many of my close friends have dates set for 2011, and my best friend's boyfriend called me the other night to ask if I would go ring shopping with him to make sure he gets her what she wants.  One of my close friends is getting married in three weeks.  All I can ask is, when is it my turn??

    Honestly, I'm getting all upset just typing this out.  In December we'll have been together for 5 years.  His parents introduce me as their daughter-in-law.  We live together and do pretty much everything together.  I just want to be engaged, get married, and just enjoy the rest of our lives together already!!

    I'm glad this was brought up, because I thought I was being a snotty brat getting jealous of all my friends when I should be (and am!) happy for them- even though none of them have been together even half as long as we have.

    Here's to (hopefully) getting our day soon!

    *Edited to change dates... friends are getting married in 2011, not 2010 (:
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