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HIring a singer?

Anyone out there having someone sing at their wedding?  What are they going to sing?

Re: HIring a singer?

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    We had both male and female but they came witht he band. Can you check banks in your area?

    ETA:  If you mean at the ceremony, the soloist/organist came with the church.
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    My friend's husband is a semi-pro musician and we asked him to sing while we signed the registry/licence. He sang "You say it Best When you Say Nothing at All" by Alison Krauss.   He did it as a gift to us so we didn't have to pay him.
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    No singers at our wedding but I am a performing (instrumental) musician and would recommend talking to a local college.  Maybe have a junior or senior. 

    For song recommendations I would also ask your singer what they have performed in the past.
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