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Canon in D or Trumpet Voluntary?

Hi everyone! I have a question, and I know everyone's going to say "Do what YOU want to do" but I'd just like to hear some opinions.

For the longest time, I envisioned myself walking down the aisle to Canon in D, I just adore it. The other day though, we met with the music director at our church, who was kind enough to play some songs for us on the organ. Canon in D sounded gorgeous of course, but then she played Trumpet Voluntary and it was just so "grand," for lack of a better word. It was very joyous and seemed to "let you know" that the bride was about to walk down the aisle.

Some people there (moms, fiance, music lady) said you don't want to go from a more upbeat song for the bridesmaids to a slower song like Canon in D because the music is supposed to ramp up for the bride, and I agreed, and thought we would do Trumpet Voluntary instead, but wonder now if I will miss walking into such a soft, wedding-y entrance.

Thoughts?? What are you processing in to the church (or elsewhere) to? Nothing is set in stone yet but we're about to start on the programs so I need to make up my mind! :o)

Thanks for your opinions!!!

Re: Canon in D or Trumpet Voluntary?

  • FWIW, I thought for YEARS that I'd walk down the aisle to Canon in D.

    Then I heard the church music on the organ on CD and I completely changed my mind when I heard Prince of Denmark's March.

    That's what was played as I walked down the aisle and I'm THRILLED that I chose it.
  • A while ago, when I was sure that I would have a grand wedding in a gorgeous church, I wanted "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral" from Lohengrin.  It's gorgeous, long enough to have both the BM's and the bridal entrance, and unusual.  Not something that normally gets played at a wedding.
  • I usually recommend "Canon in D" for the attendants processional since it typically takes longer.  The Canon is about a 5 - 6 minute piece so the music never has to repeat for the attendants.

    And I love the Clarke "Trumpet Voluntary" (a.k.a. "Prince of Denmark") for the bride's entrance, especially on organ - sounds so regal!  And yes, everyone definitely knows the bride is coming down the aisle on that one!

    Those are just my opinions, of course.   This really is a personal decision for you.  I guess another way of putting it would be... How do you want to feel about the "personality" of your walk down the aisle? - Soft and romantic (Canon in D) or regal/ majestic/ celebratory (Trumpet Voluntary)?  Hope that helps!
  • I walked in to the wedding march from The Sound of Music and we recessed to Trumpet Voluntary
  • I have long enough to decide, so I'm not worried.

    While you are deciding though, you might want to find out how much it would cost to have some local high school band trumpeters play live. My son was in his HS marching band, and he, and many of his friends, play the trumpet. (He hasn't picked it up since his HS graduation 5 years ago LOL). He said he could get them to practice & play it for us.

    My recommendation would be to find both songs and play one after the other, while you "walk down the aisle" in your home. Close your eyes and picture which stirs you the most. That's your choice.

    Good luck.
  • I have played piano for almost 17 years now and have played for numerous weddings.  Here are some options to think about:
    Canon in D is a nice LONG song so it is easy to have any number of attendents walk down the aisle too.  Also, it is a pretty easy song to "start over" and repeat if necessary (think flower girl becoming shy and stopping half way down) Also, there are any parts to that song.  What you could do and what I have done in the past is have the first two movements played over and over for the attendents.  There a part of the song that is definity a little more grand and can be played for you when you walk down the aisle.  Trumpet Voluntary is a very grand song and if you increase the tempo of the song it makes a great recessional song.  Best of both worlds?
  • Something about Canon.....everytime I hear it (especially live) I get the chills and feel like I could start crying! (happy cry)

    I think I will have my BM's and myself walk to Canon. We have hired a string trio for the ceremony...I can't wait!!
  • I'm playing Minuet in G for the bridal party entrance and then playing Canon in D for my entrance.  I love Canon in D and couldn't imagine walking down the aisle to anything else.

  • I think you should choose a song that gives you chills for your bridal processional.  I used Canon in D for the mothers and MOH, then I walked down to Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring.  For me, that's the song that makes me shiver (in a good way!).
  • Do Canon in D and walk out to Trumpet Voluntary...
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