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AW: Shoe Help?

So, you all remember that fancy schmancy dress I posted a while back?  If not, here she is again:

I'm having it hemmed since I can't wear heels with it when I go dancing in November.  Since, if you'll remember, my date is 5'7.75" tall in his dress shoes, and I'm 5'5".  Le sigh.  So, it's going to hit just above my knees.

And I'm on the hunt for shoes.  At first I was thinking that I wanted peep toe flats, but then I found these:

They're a kitten heel, so I'm not too worried about height with them (1.5" still puts me at 1.25" shorter than he will be).  I'm just concerned that the bow is going to be too much.

So, what are your thoughts/suggestions/feelings?  I can dance in pretty much anything, I just need to find something to match the retro feeling of that dress :)
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