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April 2012 Weddings

Helpful tips for The Knot

Ladies here is a list of some useful info to help you on The Knot. It will help you do everything in your signature from linking a bio to adding pics. HTH
1.) How do I post a pic in my signature (siggy)?
Upload a picture to either
www.photobucket.com/">www.photobucket.comor www.tinypic.com/ and copy the HTML code (PLEASE resize your picture first) and paste it into your signature (which you get to by clicking "update signature" on the left side of the board).

2.)  How to make a photostrip in my signature (siggy)?
I made a 6in wide by 2.5 in tall canvas in Photoshop.  Put guidelines at inch 3 and six.  Pasted the images I wanted as new layers and sized them to fit in the guides. After you save upload to your photo share site, copy the HTML and paste it into your siggy.

3.) How do I link my bio in my siggy?
Using the code below, take out the ** and place the link to your bio
<a target="_blank" href="YOUR BIO WEBSITE HERE">My Bio</a>**

4.) What websites can I use for my wedding website:
The knot offers a free website, but there are also www.mywedding.com and www.weebly.com that offer free wedding planning websites.  They are both free and very user friendly.  Weebly has the option to upload pictures and a blog to your hearts desire and also have the option to have bigger pictures.

5.) Invite Code for siggy:
<img src=http://tinyurl.com/5okj57 /> 0 Invited so far!<br />
<img src=http://tinyurl.com/5e5xyn /> 0 Are ready to party!<br />
<img src=http://tinyurl.com/5acwqr /> 0 Will be missing out!<br />
<img src=http://tinyurl.com/65h7dw /> 0 Are MIA!<br />

6.) Ticker in Sig:
1.) Go to your profile.
2.) Click customize my wedding ticker
3.) Choose your options
4.) Click Generate Ticker Code
5.) Copy HTML code
6.) Go back to your profile
7.) Click edit Avatar/Signature
8.) Paste into signature field


April 2012 April siggy challenge: How I relax image
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