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F/U to FI's Interview

So FI had his interview today and it didn't go great. The firm he was interviewing with he has actually worked with twice before as a Spring Break Externship set up through our school. It also just so happens that one of the people in charge who makes hiring decisions is an alumni of our professional fraternity AND she was my Girl Scout Coordinator way back in the day. So it seemed like he has a pretty good relationship with them. They liked the work he did when he was there for Spring Break.

Anyways, the interview was scheduled from 10:30-11. They didn't take him in until 10:45. His interview was over at 10:52. Granted, they already knew how he works and he knows how the firm works, so there wasn't a lot of questions that needed to be asked. There were two people interviewing him, the one woman who he worked with before and another supervisor. The woman had already seen his work/portfolio, so she asked if the other person wanted to look at it. He said "Well you say he's a good worker, and that's all I need to know". I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing that he didn't even glance at FI's portfolio.

The part that doesn't look so great is they told him they have lots of applicants with more interviews Monday and Wednesday, and the majority of those already received their Master's. (To get licensed in Architecture you have to have a Master's plus three years of internship, but not in any specific order). All he has is his Bachelor's and no career related experience. I almost feel as if they just gave him the interview as a courtesy because the woman who he knows/worked with before had said she would let him know when they had a position available.

He was told they won't be making the decision until next week, but it's not looking good =(
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