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So FI has a "meeting" with an architecture firm on Monday. My dad is acquaintances with the VP of the firm and they had drinks at a cigar bar, so who knows what exactly their conversation was in regards to a job for FI (especially since my dad tends to exagerate). But my dad gave FI the VP's email and told him to contact him.

FI emailed him and the VP set up a meeting with him and also forwarded his resume to the department head. FI asked if he should prepare anything for the meeting and VP said that if he already had a portfolio ready to go to bring that "otherwise it will be an informal introduction to [Firm] and the assistant department head with lunch in there somewhere..."

We're not sure what to expect, but a foot in the door somewhere is better than nothing. I'm hoping it's not just a courtesy meeting, but I doubt they would waste their time to meet with him if they weren't interested in a potential relationship? Anyways, some of those good old NEY vibes would be greatly appreciated!
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