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**ACRO** (garter PIP)

I just got an email from our Etsy garter person. They've shipped my garter. Remember, I told them my wedding date is May 15, and they promise the garter 2 weeks in advance of the wedding day. Seems like they REALLY stick to the 2-week thing.

I'll let you know if it is the right color and all that (SHOULD be purple and white with a Transformers emblem).

So, I guess you should just expect yours 2 weeks before your wedding..... exactly. No sooner! Undecided

Re: **ACRO** (garter PIP)

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    I love Etsy! I didn't realize they had garters and stuff too....they literally have everything!
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    They DO have everything, and I've had EXCELLENT experiences with every seller.... except this one. I mean, it's not bad. It's just that you could order your garter a year in advance and still not get it until 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

    I mean, I'm glad I lied about my date, or I'd be sweating! I don't want to be waiting for ANYTHING two weeks before the wedding. I want to be DONE.
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    I love etsy. I did order one thing and the seller PROMISED to get me pictures two weeks ago... Still no pictures... Not to mention, its $400 that I paid her... Blah! She keeps saying she'll send pictures--and then always has an exuse. :-/
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    Okay, I got the garter! haven't tried it on yet, but it's here and it looks very pretty.
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    Thanks for the heads-up.  Work is keeping me from the boards most of the time, hence my absence.  I guess I'll be looking for my garter at the end of July.  ::sigh::  I *really* didn't want to be waiting on ANYTHING 2 weeks before the wedding.
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    I know, I didn't want to wait for anything that close, either... but at least you know it'll be there. Mine came, and I didn't email them at all since I ordered it. *hugs*

    btw, it's pretty sweet. I'll take a pic momentarily.
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    Here it is!

    Well, okay, so it's TWO garters... because obviously we have to keep one! I don't think he'd throw it at all if he didn't have one to keep.

    They're a little snug. My thigh measurement was at the higher end of what her normal sized garter fits. It stretches, and the silky material keeps it from being too uncomfy... but I'm not going to wear them until it's time to do the toss. The quality is really good, though.
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