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My sister is angry my engagement ring looks similar to hers

My sister is angry that my engagement ring looks similar to hers. Mine is a classic solitaire with 6 diamonds on each side that get smaller as they go up the band into a cathedral setting. It's a VERY popular style. My sister got engaged a year before me. She claims that my fiancé knew what her ring looked like and got me the same one on purpose. My fiancé can't remember what he ate for breakfast much less what her engagement ring look liked. He got it because he loved it for me and it is a symbol of our love. Is it fair that she is angry and has runnier my engagement and refuses to be happy because her ring is a similar style to mine? Also we are twins so maybe that has something to do with it?
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Re: My sister is angry my engagement ring looks similar to hers

  • Your sister has no right to be upset. Her ring and your ring are different because her's was picked by her fiance, and yours was picked by your fiance. Who cares if they look similar?

    I'm sure the ring is just a cover up for something else that is bothering her. Maybe she is upset that you are engaged now and taking the spotlight away from her? Maybe she secretly likes your ring better than hers? Maybe she is having problems in her life that you aren't and being mad at you for having a similar ring is easier to blame than the real problems. Who knows?

    At this point, all you can do is ignore her. Smile and move on. Don't let her take the happiness away from your engagement.
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    Everything @fuzzyslipper32 said. Your sister is being unreasonable, and she's probably upset over something else. Honestly, I wonder if she's feeling like her thunder was stolen. That's HER problem to deal with, though. I mean, were you just supposed to wait till after she was married/enough time after she was married to get engaged? Seriously.

    Also, and I can't stress this enough, unless her ring is a custom job, someone else in the world has the same exact ring. Heck, even on this site, people have the same rings!!

    My advice is to ignore her when she's being pouty. Try to involve her as much as you had originally planned to, but if she gives you attitude, then stop involving her. I'd even wait to handle asking bridesmaids until you know what kind of attitude she'll have.

    And next time she complains about the rings being too similar: "Look, I get that you're unhappy about my ring. And I can see how it shares characteristics with your ring. However, for the last time, [fiance] did not try to copy your ring. I love this ring and what it means to me, to him, and to our relationship. He and I are not going to return it or change it in any way. This is the last time we're going to talk about my engagement ring, and I'd appreciate it if you could be excited for me the way I've been excited for you." And then change the subject.
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  • Your sister is acting like she is 12. Ignore her.

    Yeah, this. Engagements and marriages aren't a contest.
  • Your sister sounds like a peach.  Just ignore her feelings about this because it is ridiculous.

  • I had two friends who were sisters. One got engaged a month after the other. Their fiances had bought them the exact same ring. The fiances just both knew what my friends would like and it happened to be the same.
  • Another vote to ignore her childish behavior. 
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  • Completely childish behavior on your sisters part. While the rings may be the same or vary similar once you add a wedding band or enhancer the ring will become completely different and then your bratty sister can stop complaining.
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  • On another note, I'd love to see your ring! 
  • Here is the ring. I guess I did not upload on my original post
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  • Here is the ring. I guess I did not upload on my original post
    Very pretty!

    I'm sorry your sister is reacting this way.  I would just ignore her as PPs have suggested.
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  • This may be irrelevant but is your diamond bigger than hers?

    I can relate to this somewhat. My sister always has to have to spot light on her. She is constantly reminding me that the total weight of her ring is more than my solitaire.

    If your sister is like mine it may bother her if yours is bigger.

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  • Tell your sister to go fuck herself
  • Yeah, your ring is a pretty popular type of engagement ring that loads of women are and will be wearing. I'd just try to ignore her comments. Congratulations on your engagement!
  • Your sister is acting strange yes. I would tell her to be glad her and her FI/ husband have good taste. And why can't you have a stylish ring too. Let her feel stylish and like it doesn't matter the rings are alike. (Because it doesn't matter) Hope this helped a little.
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