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how does the processional go?

I was wondering how the processional usually goes.  I wanted to have the groomsmen act as ushers and seat everyone.  Immediately before the ceremony is going to begin I want them to seat our mothers, then join the groom in the front.  The bridesmaids would then walk down the aisle unescorted.  My FI says that he has never seen a wedding where the bridesmaids walk alone, but I have done it and I like it better that way.  Has anyone done this? do you think its weird?
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Re: how does the processional go?

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    I'm a church organist, and 99% of the weddings I play have the BMs walking in alone, and out with a GM.

    Typically, when GM act as ushers, once the majority of the guests are in, the GM join the groom wherever he's waiting.  The last GM ushers in the MOB, and goes to join the others.

    Once I see the MOB seated, and the GM and groom ready, I begin to play the processional music.  The minister (priest), groom, and GM walk out and stand in the front of the church.

    Once they're in place, the BM begin the walk down the aisle.

    Then the ceremony happens, kiss.....and I play the recessional and the WP either recesses the church as couples or weaves one after the other.

    Having said that, I've also been MOG and MOB.  At my son and DIL's wedding, what I wrote above happened.

    But at my DD's wedding, the members of the WP did come down the aisle in pairs.  As they got to the top of the aisle, my SIL shook the hand of each GM and gave each BM a kiss on the cheek.  Then the ladies went to the left and the men to the right. 

    Only the MOH walked down alone, because the best man was waiting with my SIL.  I actually loved it, and would recommend it to other couples.

    Bottom line, either way is done.  It's what you want, and your musician can tailor the music to work no matter how you're bringing your WP in and out.
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    I've never seen a wedding IRL where the GM walked in with the BMs.  I've always seen the GM come in with the groom and be waiting up front, and the BMs process up individually or in pairs, depending on how many there are. 
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    What you have stated is exactly what we did. We had our GM serve as ushers to seat guests during prelude and then the Mothers. The Pastor, DH and his BM stayed in a side room of the church near the alter until the guests were seated. Once our guests were seated in the pews the Pastor, DH and his BM walked out to the alter. When they took their place on the alter the organist played a hymn we chose for the seating of the Mothers and the lighting of the unity candle. One GM escorted each Mother to the alter where they lit the unity candle and then took their seat. The other two GM remained at the back of the church. When each Mother had lit the unity candle and been seated, the GM who escorted her walked down the side aisle and joined the GM waiting at the back of the church. They collectively then walked up the side aisle of the church to the alter. Once they were at the alter the organist started playing the processional in which the BM's walked out individually followed by my Father and I. 

    It may sound a little choppy but ours flowed quite smoothly. I had given the organist our music selections and our general plan prior to rehearsal. We only went through one practice during rehearsal and everyone had it down with no issues.
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    I've been in two weddings & both times we (the BM's) walked down alone.
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