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Doubts about getting married


Re: Doubts about getting married

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    To be completely honest you have to decide now which is more important. The job or your FI.  If you truly love him then what does it matter if you don't have a job for a little bit. I'm sure something will turn up.  But if you decide your job is more important than the man YOU hopefully wanted to marry before you said yes. Then why did you say yes in the first place?
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    I think you know the answer.  Getting married for a green card is not a good idea. 
    Being married is great but it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. You can't plan everything in life, because you could get the job of your dreams today and lose it tomorrow,  however the one thing that we can do is try to pick the best partner to ride out life's up and downs.  One should really be in love and really, really like the person you pick to marry.  It is a partnership.  Talk to him, he might not want to marry someone who knows that he is not the one.
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    Have you checked out
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    I agree with everything that people are saying about not being ready for marriage if you're having doubts.

    I know that you don't want a job that doesn't require your degree, but did you ever think about  taking a "lesser" job for now so that you can stay in the country with FI and not get married yet?  You can continue searching for the perfect job while working at another job that pays the bills and allows you to have a work visa.  Plus, you can think a little bit harder about your relationship in the mean time rather than being rushed into things.   It definitely sounds like you're not ready for marriage yet especially one that is so rushed.   Good luck!
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    Sarah, I love your Venn diagram =)

    I think that if you're not willing to move for him, then you shouldn't marry him.  Not that he should just make you uproot your life, but if that's what's best then you should be willing to do it.
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    Thank you for all of the thoughtful replies. We are going ahead with the wedding and I am much more confident. I'm still nervous - but it's a huge decision, and I think it would be weird (especially with my nervous personality) not to be apprehensive.

    We talked about it a lot, and the worst thing in the world for me would be losing him. I am very happy that in 7 days, I will be married!
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       I also worry about not getting a job once I get my degree, and what life would be like when me and Chris gets married, but I really want to be with him. I also have to move from where I am living now. I know that everything will work out because Chris is my best-friend.
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