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XP: Overstock or ebay for e-rings?

Hey everybody,

Has anyone had any experience buying e-rings off ebay or overstock.com? FI and I are a little leery of buying something as an e-ring online, but we're on a tight budget, so......Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: XP: Overstock or ebay for e-rings?

  • My ring is from overstock.com.  FI and I are both students, so we really wanted a good deal.  He got me a white sapphire ring from overstock and it was beautiful.  It arrived quickly, with a little signed note that stated it has been looked over and quality assured. If there is something you like on overstock, I wouldn't hesitate.  Also their return policy is great, so if you don't like it, it wouldn't be a problem to send it back. 
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    We bought FI's wedding band from Amazon. They have some good prices on simple bands, I probably wouldn't buy something with a gemstone from there (just because I'd want to see it and have it come from a jeweller), but his plain band looks nice and was under $100.
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  • My ering came from overstock. H got an amazing deal and I love it. I had it looked over, just in case though, and lime PPs said, they have a great return policy.
  • my e-ring is from ebay and it is beautiful. The seller assured me that if I wanted/needed to return it for any reason that I could. The ring fit perfectly and is beautiful.

  • I was engaged once before and got my ring from e-bay, and while the seller said it was actually diamond, it wasn't. The stone moved around quite a bit; it would literally spin around. I contacted the seller about it and he said it was a "spinner ring". And the ring didn't fit, and the seller wouldn't exchange it.

    If you use ebay, just be very, very careful.
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    I will state I sold my own old E-ring on eBay because I needed new thousand dollar figure skates a few years ago. The funny thing was I tried to sell it for $500 (worth about 2K) and no one would buy it. It was a 1ct total weight 3 stone. I bumped the price to over $800 and it sold within hours....some people fear a good savings I guess. The buyer was crazy happy as I was I. I sold some other rings on exboyfriendjewelry.com and another piece on craigslist.
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  • Thank you so much, everyone! I appreciate the advice. :-)
  • I'd go with the O

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