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need help with editing guest list

For some reason I am not able to edit my guest list.  Anyone know how I can do that???  I have some people I need to remove, and it isn't letting me.  I also need to add addresses and it wont let me do that either!  Thanks!!!

Re: need help with editing guest list

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    The Knot's IT is terrible, I highly suggest using another system for your guestlist.  Excel works great and you don't have to rely on TK.  Many, many brides have lost their guestlist info because TK screws up.
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    OMG!! I thought I was the only one with this problem!!  I'm in the final stages of editing my list and it's all inaccesible! *sob*  Well, I guess I know what to do now. 

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    I just started the guest list and am having the same problem, it doesn't do anything when you try to click on the guest. Guess I'll stick to good old pen and paper. Thank God it's a verly small wedding!
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