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Our office threw us a suprise His & Hers shower last week. 35+ people attended and contributed to the gift they got us. About half of them are not invited to the wedding. I am going to send everyone who was there a thank you note. Is it okay if I send the notes to them at work if I don't have their home address? Does it matter?

Re: Work Thank You Notes

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    I think that it would be perfectly fine to give thank you cards to people at work if you don't have their home address.  
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    My workplace also threw me a little mini-shower last week.  I'm actually not inviting any of them to the wedding- just didn't have the room.  I will be sending their thank you notes to them at work.  My plan is to send them out shortly before my wedding (next week) so that they receive them while I'm away. 
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    I think what matters most is that you send the thank you cards. I don't think it makes a difference if you send them at work to those who you don't have a home address for.
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