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Hello all! Is it just me or are there literally no books out there for those getting married again? I know that the second weddings are supposed to be more tamed down than the first but --still thought it would be odd that there is litteraly nothing there! So, just out of curiousity, do ALL of the old rules apply to second weddings or have there been some changes. I had thought of writing a book on this and just want to make sure I get it right so if anyone has any imput, let me know! Thanks! Sarah

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    A quick Google search led me to the website [url][/url] and the book How to Get Married...Again by Jill Curtis, available on Amazon. Sometimes when a book is a little more specialized you can't find it in a regular bookstore, but the internet has everything!
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    There's also a second weddings board here.
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    My guess is if you really are planning on writing a book, it should be on something that you actually have a clue about.
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    Hi, I found several at my local Library. But it's been 14 years since my first marriage and we both decided to use some tips from the book. I feel even though it's or second time around, he did not have a big wedding the first time . Everything was diffrent for him back then. He told me he wanted it to be extra special! So we are having 85 people and the only thing i really did was change my dress to ivory (lol) which i like better. Our family is so close and we should have met years ago! Hey they say things happen for a reason. I would say make your day about the both of you and enjoy everything about it. The second one may have been your true love anyway!!! Best of luck to you !
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