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Need Help with Guest List

For some reason I can not edit my Guest List.  Delete it or do any responses with it.  
I don't know how to fix it and I am going crazy here!!!

Thanks for your help in advance.


Re: Need Help with Guest List

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    Fix it by not using TK's guestlist tool for reasons exactly like this.  TK has horrible IT glitches and many, many brides have lost their entire guestlists.  Use Excel, it's much better and you don't have to worry about it getting lost.
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    I use Google docs for a backup and Mountain Cow Stationary Software for the master copy. It keeps all the addresses, organizes them, prints out invites and escord cards, and is a RSVP keeper. After dealing with my glitchy wedding website on the knot, I stayed clear from the guest list.
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    Thank you very much.  Yeah I have it saved on a excel template with all my columns for sent save the date/invitations/etc.  
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    I'm having the same trouble!  It was working just fine until jus tthis past Friday!  I sent in a message to the customer service department in hopes someone will help me soon.  But looks like I will have to go to another route with maybe excel!  I really liked this program where I can list who is where and if they have replied or not to any invitations.  Oh well!!!!  It was good while it lasted.  At least I have many months left to figure a new system out!  Wish you tons of luck.  If you get any more help that fixes the issue let me know....Kelly
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