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Questions about a name change

Hi girls!
I have some silly questions about after I change my name. I wasn't sure if anyone went on a honeymoon out of the country and had any issues with their passports. I am going to be taking my honeymoon 2 days after I get married and I won't have time to get all my documents to have my new name on them. I think I'll be fine with just my license and my passport, but I dont' know how long after the wedding it becomes public record that my name has changed. Also does anyone know how long after the wedding you can get a copy of your marriage license?

My sister asked me these questions and I realized I wasn't sure so I figured I'd post them and see what everyone has to say.

Re: Questions about a name change

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    You won't have any problem for your honeymoon as long as you didn't change your name before the wedding and you license and passport are different.  As long as they are both the same your honeymoon will be no issue.  As far as the public record issue I have no idea, but it's no where near that quick; my mom was still getting credit card offers with her maiden name 2 years after changing it.  I just read that Massachusetts the license gets sent back to the town by the officiant and after they record it you can pick up copies, typically everything can be done within 2 weeks
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    thank you so much!

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    Your name does not automaticaly change the minute you get married.   You have some leg work to do.  After you receive the marriage license back from the state (1-4 weeks) then you have to go the Social Security, then to DMV, passport, etc.

    If you are leaving in 2 days they make sure you book everything in your maiden name.  Then when you return you can start the name changing process.

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    Ditto pp. You have a year to change your passport into your married name free of charge, after that, they will charge you.
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    Yep. Book the honeymoon and flights in your maiden name and use all the documents you have.  Then, change everything when you get back.  Enjoy!
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