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Montana Question

Hi MT Ladies!  My DH and I just got married in May, and we live in the Washington, DC area.  DH is in the Air Force, and has just applied for a job at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls.  While it's a competitive job and there is no telling what will happen, deep down I have a feeling that he will get it. I've lived in a few different places, but always in or near big east coast cities.  I'm a little nervous to move so far away from the familiar, but I'm excited for the opportunity to live someplace new.So how do you like life in MT?  Did any of you make the move there from someplace else?  I work in the museum field - are there any museums in the area?(I know this is really more of a Nest question, but there are only two VERY old posts on the MT Nest board).TIA for your help, and congratulations on your upcoming weddings!
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Re: Montana Question

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    I currently live in Bozeman, MT but Great Falls is my hometown.  I grew up and went to school there and never felt that I was missing out.  I think it just depends on the things you like to do.  Great Falls doesn't have much in terms of "culture" and museums, but it does have some nice parks.  I appreciate its shopping options now that I have lived a couple of different places in the state, though I don't know how it would compare to anywhere farther east, and it definitely doesn't compare to big city shopping.  Living anywhere in Montana is great for people who appreciate the outdoors.  Weekends are great for getting out of town to go camping, hiking, boating, fishing, etc.  I hope this helps.  I loved it growing up!
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    Montana is wonderful. I travel to Great Falls from Bozeman every two weeks. There is the CM Russell Museum in Great Falls. It is the only one that I know of. It is going to be a big change for you to move from DC to MT. My friend is from DC and went to school in MT. He said that people in MT are kinder and not so rushed as they are in the city. There are many outdoor things to do and it is a beautiful place to live and enjoy. There is also a large population of people from other places in Great Falls so you will easily be able to find someone that comes from the East Coast and relates to you. You become very proficient at shopping on the internet with the limited shopping in MT. The bonus is that we do not have a sales tax so paying for shipping is no big deal. :)
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    I am from Salt Lake City and moved up here to Missoula a few years ago. It was a huge change. I do love it up here though. It's definitely slower paced and more laid-back. The only things I had problems adjusting to were the road systems and the fact that you can't always just decide you wanna go buy something, find a store and go buy it. Up here, basically if you can't find it at Walmart, you probably should just hit the online circuit. Product availability was a HUGE adjustment for me. I'm exaggerating slightly, but you'll see what I mean when you get here. Then, in SLC, the roads for the most part did the graph thing with the square blocks and north/south east/west streets if that makes sense. That's what I'm used to. Here, there are spots that do that, but there are SO many roads that are just pure and utter chaos that it took some real getting used to and even still sometimes I get turned around. I've been to GF a few times and from what I observed and remembered there, it's about the same as Missoula as far as roads and availability of stuff.

    I hope this made sense LOL This is all the stuff I'd wished someone had told ME before I moved up here :) Hope it helps!
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    I live in Helena but grew up in Great Falls.  I like it there, I am home every weekend to visit friends and family.  I would move back if I had the option.  Great Falls has a wonderful school system and you are so close to so many outdoor activities.  Good luck and I promise you will be fine in GF.
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    I made the opposite move from Montana to the DC area.  I think if you enjoy the outdoors and are not in love with the city life you will do fine in Great Falls.  If however, you are out most nights/weekends in the city, you will have quite a bit of adjusting to do.  That said it is a beautiful area and people tend to have a different attitude, more friendly and less guarded.  I took my fiance out there this summer to visit and he loved it (and he grew up in the DC area).  Good luck!
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    I grew up in park city and currently live in billings but have been around the entire state and every town has it's own lil perk :-) i absolutely lov eit here!!!
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    Welcome to Montana first off.  I moved out here about five years ago from just north of South Bend, IN.  So, yeah, the biggest change will be the altitude, it was for me anyways, and humidity, it doesn't excist out here.  Nadda.  Locals will say that there is, but nothing like "back home."  The people here are a lot nicer, I think.  GF is beautiful, but if you ever have the chance get down to the Bitteroot, or the missions.  As for muesuems, i know that Billings has a few, but I do not know about GF.  Missoula might be the best bet there.  If you have any other questions or help let me know.  If you're like me though, the hardest thing would be the lack of lakes and water.
  • elbuort2elbuort2 member
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    I moved from Billings to Great Falls in January. I will tell you if you like bigger cities you will not be all that happy here unless you are willing to give it a big chance and try. I have found that crafters and quilters do well here but small town life isnt for everyone! And dispite living in MT for all my life and LOVING every minute I HATE when people come here and after a month of living here saying that hate this town and hate mt and yet still stay here. I suggest you and your husband take a small trip up here maybe a long weekend. So you can get a good idea about what your comming into. People here are very friendly and its a wonderful place if your planning on rasing a family. I really hope you do like it here if your husband gets the job!!! Have a wonderful life eather way!!
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    Great Falls has the Charlie Russell Museam and the Paris Gibson as well.  Great Falls has some stuff to  do.  I think that Montana is a bit different from the rest of the states.  Once you get here you will either love it or not like it so much. 
  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    I moved to MT from CA exactly one year ago this weekend. I love it here, but I do miss a lot of things about home, especially my friends.  It is cool being close to Canada, but I am clear on the other side of that state at the ND border.  You are closer to AB and I am closer to SK.  I do all of my shopping in ND. 

    To me, places are what you make of them.  If you are able to be social and make friends, then you should be fine.  If you are willing to go out and find new things to do, you will enjoy it.  But if you sit at home and mope about it then you will never be happy.
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    I moved to Missoula from Chicago about a year and a half ago, and I LOVE it. Great Falls is a smaller town, but it's really a beautiful place. I was going to mention that there is no sales tax - but someone beat me to it. If you're open to outdoorsy things, and if you can handle snowy winters (and feel comfortable driving in snow), I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It is a bit of an adjustment, for sure.
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