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map on website

Does anyone know how to put a map on the wedding website? Either from mapquest or google maps. Since these websites are not HTML the code will not work...

Re: map on website

  • get directions, copy the entire screen... (on my computer the key is "Prnt Scrn") that I open up in a Paint document so I can get rid of the borders (which will have your computer's toolbar and the clock in the bottom right, etc.), save it, and it's ready to upload [: 
  • You can make one on
  • if you decide to do google maps/mapquest/yahoo maps.  Do the directions to and from so you get the highlighted route.  then (only if you have a semi recently computer) go to START, all programs, Accessories, then click on Snipping Tool.  This will let you highlight the area you want then you right click to save the image.  I don't think mapquest/yahoo/google let you just right click and save any more so you need to follow those steps and then you can paste it into Publisher/word/power point and edit it that way.

    Good Luck!

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