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Any Science teachers out there....?

Good morning! This is pretty random, but I wanted to share it with as many people as possible because I think it is SO cool.

I work for an AV/Unified Communications Integrator in CT and one of our manufacturers of Video Conferencing equipment has virtual tours set up to target the K-12 market. I know TK rules are tight, so I'll hold off on posting the link (unless Hoboken says its ok..) I'm not plugging for my company (my company name isn't advertisted at all) or a specific manufacturer, but the virtual tour is through outer space and would be a once in a lifetime moment for kids interested in Astronomy or Science teachers who like to teach with virtual tools.

Obviously the manufacturer advertises Grant Assisting Programs to entice you to want to outfit your schools with their equipment, but the tour is 100% free. You have to register for a "seat" and all you need to connect is a computer/laptop, speakers and internet connection.

PM me if you're interested in the link or, Hoboken, let me know if it is ok to post here :)
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Re: Any Science teachers out there....?

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