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mother drama

 Im just starting to plan my wedding and my mom is TRYING  to help, but I'v been feeling that shes trying to make my wedding day what she wanted with her long time boyfirend and when i try to tell her how i feel she hold over my head that she paying for it (but not all of it) and she should have a say so.... she even went as fare as to try to talk me out of having my best friend of 16 years of being my MOH so she can be it i dont know what to do she dosnt even want me to talk to anyone else but her about the wedding please help

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    thanks everyone we have it now worked out my mother has backed off a little and has happly tooken the job of walking her soon to be one year old grand-doughter down the eale to so she can be the flower girl you guys was a big help
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    Edit: Sorry OP I'm dumb & I didn't see your last post. Glad your mother is backing off & it is working out.

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