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Startin to plan

I am just starting to plan my wedding and I'm wondering how other brides have organized themselves on their computer. I feel like mine is just a big bumble jumbled mess right now and I feel very unorganized. Any tips would be helpful on organization :)

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    Do you mean like with spreadsheets and stuff for guest lists, etc? I didn't use the computer to keep organized. I kept everything in a binder. I did keep a computer file labeled "wedding" to keep contracts and stuff in, but I also printed everything out to keep in the binder.
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    We have an excel spreadsheet for our budget, we created categories for Venue, DJ, florist, limo, hair and makeup, ceremony and reception decor, honeymoon, photo booth, photographer, attendant gifts, and maybe another I can't remember off the top of my head. We made a tab for the amount we can afford and another for what we actually paid and keep a running total. Every time we buy something or book a vendor we update it. I also have a binder where I keep contracts, receipts, magazine pages of ideas I have for certain things, our guest list, etc. we've managed to stay pretty organized so far. Stay away from those wedding binders you can buy. A plain white binder and tabs from target worked fine for me.
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    I use excel for everything.
    I have one spreadsheet for the guest list (very preliminary, our wedding is still over a year away) that has one column for the name and address, one column for number of guests attending from that address, one for dinner choice, one for special notes (will need special food accomadations like gluten free or vegetarian) and one where I put what I think they will drink (I have several aunts that only drink white wine, friends that I know prefer a certain type of beer, stuff like that) so when I am planning beverages I can get a general idea of what people like without having to think about it a whole ton at the time.

    I have one for budgeting that is a total budget calculator, then one for each budget; attire, food and drink, invites and STDs, that type of thing.  I am planning on DIYing some of the food, but even without that I have loved this guide for about how much food I'll want/need, and it gave me a great start for how exactly to set up a spreadsheet that included links and whatnot.

    I have another excel sheet listing projected DIY plans, costs, and timelines.  I also have a deadline for each DIY project, so that if I don't have a project done by the deadline it is time to think about just buying whatever I'm making.  

    All the spreadsheets also get printed out and put into a binder when any changes are made. I also tear stuff out of magazines and put them into the binders, and print out groupons and livingsocials and throw them in there.  I have a whole section for price comparisons between different websites/stores, so if I see a deal online I can check to see if it is anywhere else cheaper before buying.  Any projects I know for sure I want to do are printed out and put in the binder with their budget excel sheet, as well as linked on the sheet.

    It's a hugely anal-retentive system, but it's working for me right now, and seeing exactly how things are laid out has helped FI understand my thought process and give helpful insights.

    I'd say prepare to make excel your new best friend.

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