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I think i've asked before but I wanted to put pictures next to each of the names in my wedding party on my wedding website that I made on the knot but the only options for a picture I have seen is the main page image button, and I know I've seen people put pictures next to each one of their wedding party. Am I missing something?? help!

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    hmm, I forgot how to put captions next to TK website maker bc it has been so long since I did my planning bio. I thought TK website maker was s PITA, though. I used weebly for my married bio and it was much easier to use.
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    You can't add images next to your attendants if you are using the pre-templated attendants fields.

    You can use just the big description box and insert pictures next to each person there but make sure you size down your pics so your page isn't huge.

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    Girl2bewed: How did you download pics in the description box? I can't seem to make it work!! 
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