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Problem with theknot website

I wanted to know if anyone else had issues with theknot website? I've had an account for a few months now and just signed on over the past week and all of my favorites were deleted and the site had been re-vamped. It doesn't allow me to save new favorites and I'm not liking the new site.
Let me know if anyone else has had any issues.
If so, what you did to fix them.


Re: Problem with theknot website

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    Everything on TK has glitches; don't use it for anything important.
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    I agree with Addie, don't use the site for anything important. TK is basically made up of random glitches. If you want to be able to save favourites, ideas, and things like that use Pinterest instead.
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    Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out about your experience on our site.  Our tech team is aware of this issue and working actively through the performance of the “Favorites” feature.  We apologize for any inconvenience during this time.

    Please feel free to respond here with any additional questions/concerns or if you’d rather-- shoot me a private message.

    Have a happy New Year!

    Knot Jennifer

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