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So does this ever happen to you?

There are some days that I just wake up and go about my buisness and forget all about the fact that I am engaged to be married..... i mean usually its always somewhere pretty close to the top of my thoughts... but some days i just don't think of it at all... and then, sometime later in the day, when somebody or something reminds me of my wedding planning or totally takes me by surprise.. and for like just a few seconds (but seems like minutes) i think...."no... this can't be true, i'm not really getting married am i?" 

Re: So does this ever happen to you?

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    this doesnt exactly happen to me but I have had a hard time switching from "boyfriend" to fiance.  Its like I'm not sure if I should say it or when you first start dating someone and its weird to get used to saying boyfriend at first.  FI laughs at me all the time because he says I slightly pause before saying it like I'm still not sure...but he thinks its cute.  And by the time I'm used to saying it I'm sure I'll need to switch to husband.
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    Yeah. I pretty much said my whole life that I am gonna be the most awesomest, crazy cat lady ever when I get old. Children will make stories about me, and I will be a legend. Then I got engaged. I almost said no, but my guy was wise enough to give me a whole bottle of wine before popping the question.

    I will forget, I dont know what to call him when speaking of him to others, I didnt really let people know I was engage. I almost feel embarassed about it? I love him and hes the one. I kinda knew it 3 yrs ago when we met, but I figured we  would be together forever, not married. So I think its this concept that I'm having trouble with. i know most girls decide their wedding plans when they are 9 but I'm not that girl and getting used to marriage and wedding stuff is hard for me.
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