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Where can I get 3x5 prints?

Every place only has 4x6 or larger.  I need 3x5 because I am including a picture in our Thank you cards and the cards are small.  Any ideas?!  Thanks 

Re: Where can I get 3x5 prints?

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    Wal-Mart has 3x5" as an option.

    You can also use They have a few specials where you can get your first fifty for free.

    (I feel so old. I remember when 3x5" was the standard and you had to pay extra for 4x6".)
  • Oh no I know, I remember when 3x5's were the standard, too!!  I am on winkflash, I googled 3x5 and that website came up, it seems very inexpensive for prints.  Honestly, I think I am done with the kodak kiosk at CVS because it is 29 cents per picture, when I could be getting them online for way less than that.  Even with paying a little for shipping, it is still cheaper!
  • I work at a CVS. Don't do the kiosk unless you absolutely need them right away. Upload them to the CVS photo site and have them sent to the store to be printed. They're only like 19 cents a print that way and there's usually some kind of deal out there. You can also look up CVS photo online coupons.  HTH
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  • I think Target does.
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