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Beach Wedding??? good idea or bad??

I have always wanted a beach wedding. but I have a few concerns. I have not seen many pictures where the brides hair looks that great,  because of the wind and the humidity(nad i have natural curly hair). Also, I was thinking I wanted my bridesmaids to wear long gowns but I never see pictures, so I cant visualize very well. Has anyone experienced being in one or being the bride? Can you give me some insight on what to do and not to do?


Re: Beach Wedding??? good idea or bad??

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    While I think beach weddings can be beautiful, I honestly think that they can be more trouble than they're worth. Another option might be to get married at a venue on the beach, but have the ceremony inside.

    If you want a more formal wedding, it can be inconvenient for guests to walk in their formal shoes and clothes in the sand. I have naturally curly hair too, so I feel your pain. I know my hair would be a nightmare in the wind and humidity of the beach. If it's a windy day, you and your guests have to deal with sand blowing in their face, etc.

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    My husband and I married in Bermuda and our coordinator did many many many weddings a year.  She was anti-beach wedding for a few reasons.  She felt it was difficult for guests to hear, sand got every.where. and it was windy. 

    Instead, we married on a deck over the ocean.  We got all the awesome pictures and backdrop without the mess of sand.  Instead, our reception dinner was on the beach, which worked out wonderfully.  They had "shoe parking" for everyone and we could move around and speak with each other easily.

    You can see pics of our wedding in my married bio - link in siggy.  My hair tolerated the weather just fine, but I have fine, straight hair that laughs at a curling iron...
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    Please don't write in pink, it's difficult to read.

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    We did our overlooking the beach, so we didn't have the problems of sand and such.  I have long natural wavy hair and wore it up in case it was super windy.  I had originally wanted half up half down but didn't want to be picking it out of my mouth the whole time.  It held fine in the humidity and all night.  I can't even remember if it was windy or not, but I'm leaning towards maybe a slight breeze??  

    As for dresses, you can google some images of long dresses on the beach.  The right style looks pretty, but remember that certain shoes won't work on sand, such as heels, so you and your maids will need to decide what shoes everyone is wearing that are walkable on sand.  You can only hem your dress to one length, so if you were wanting heels for the reception and plan to go barefoot for example at the ceremony, your dress will drag in the sand as well if it's long.  

    The other thing to remember is that many beaches, such as in Hawaii don't allow structures on their beaches, which means no seating for your guests.  If they are allowed, you also need to consider how you are going to get chairs and such to the beach.  Who will set them up??  Please make sure you have a chair for everyone.  :)

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    My wedding was on the beach. We had a wireless sound system, so everyone could hear over the waves. Our reception venue was just up a ramp, so we had a rain plan, and our reception was inside. Usually if you have the ceremony close enough to the water line, the sand is damp so it doesn't blow so much. We timed it for the tide going out, so the sand would be damp but we wouldn't be flooded. 

    I'm not much help with the hair, mine is naturally pin straight and won't curl at all. But I had it half up, and faced into the wind so it blew my hair back. You could always have an updo or something braided. 

    My only issue was my veil. I wish I'd weighted down the end of it or something, because it got annoying. But the pictures of it blowing are pretty. 

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    My cousin got married on the beach.  The weather was perfect but as soon as she started walking down the aisle, it got windy.  Her veil blew off halfway down the aisle and yarmulkes (jewish wedding) were flying off the men's heads.  The wedding was beautiful but that would have driven my crazy.
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    Hi- I got married on the beach in the Outer Banks, NC. Like you, I've always wanted a beach wedding, something very non-traditional. I also have very thick naturally curly hair and wore it up without any issues. I'd be happy to share photos. We provided flip flops for all of our guests to wear, our attire was more casual though, sun dresses for women and khakis and polos for men. After having our wedding, I can tell you that I wouldn't have done it any other way!
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    can be very hit or miss.  My friend did a beach wedding in lake tahoe, but the ceremony site was "wedding friendly" meaning they had a platform over the sand so we didn't have walk through sand.  Bride still wore a very formal gown; groomsman wore beige suits and our dresses were T-length dresses we found at Macy's.  Bride wore her hair up so it did not get in the way.  Dress Rehearsal so was flipping windy we barely could stand up out there, but the wedding day itself was absolutely beautiful. So they can be very hit or miss depending on location and day!  If you are planning to ge married on the beach, walking through sand etc, I would just be mindful of shoes and dress choice.

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    My dh and I got married on a local beach.  It was gorgeous.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  We did our ceremony at 5:30 so it wasn't too hot.  I wore my hair up so I'm not sure if it was windy.  I don't think it was.  My dh wore a suit and tevas.  His bm wore a suit also.  My MOH wore a short dress.  Our reception was at a restaurant on a harbor 5 min away.
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    I think you just have to be more mindful of the weather.  We're planning for an outdoor wedding on the water, but it will be on grass not sand.  I think long dresses can work regardless of where you are for the BM, but you want something that is beach & outdoor appropriate (not a ballgown, but a long flowly dress like a maxi dress would work).  You need to realize that wind will happen so choose a hairstyle that works with it.  You need a back-up plan for rain.
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