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**Beware of your registery!**

Hi all,
I wanted to give a heads up to my fellow February brides. I got a shocking phone call from my Mom last night. Apparently she went to Macy's and they were completly out of several of our registry items including our dishes, flatware and glasses. I was shocked! My Mom said there were bare shelves all over the store.
Apparently in anticipation of a bad Holiday shopping season retailers did not stock their shelves like they normally would. They are also not in a hurry to re-stock either. When my Mom talked to a Sales Associate she said they weren't even doing inventory for another week.
I had previously read some news articles that late Holiday shoppers were finding bare shelves but it didn't even occur to me to think about our registry.
I realize this may be different for each retailer, but you may want to physically go into the store(s) and check it out.
We are going tonight to practically re-do our registry a month before the wedding! Frown

Re: **Beware of your registery!**

  • Does that affect going online to buy things off the registry?  We're also registered at Macy's but I haven't been there recently to see what their stock looks like.


  • I'm not sure if includes online. Sadly the dinnerware pattern we chose was in-store only. We had to choose a new pattern. To be safe I also chose replacements for many of the other things out of stock in the store. I would just say keep an eye out. In my situation, I know many of our friends and family aren't really online shoppers. I was afraid we would likely wind up getting only what was in store which wasn't much. On my local board, a girl that works for Macy's in the registry Dept. suggested calling the store and talking to the registry dept. She said they can likely help wth what you should do.
  • we are registered at target and I got the same email. The only thing on ours was the bathroom rugs. I have had my shower and we got a good amount of stuff even with the few things not being available. The only thing we didn't get was sheets, which I'm hoping we will get later. 
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