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adding a color... pip heavy

Not sure if any of you remember..a while ago, I had a bummer of a time and the color of the  dress I picked out for my bridesmaids was discontinued. 
Anyway, after a lot of looking, I haven't found anything that I like as much and I'm stressing out over it too much.
Here's what I'm working with.... My original plan was a gray and orange color scheme.

My sister, MOH, already has THIS dress picked out, well I picked it out and we ordered it the day were going to order the other dresses...before we found out about the color bummer. 
The guys are wearing gray tuxes, and those can be changed, but we dont want to.

My question is...would a marine or navy blue look alright when I add in the orange flowers? or will it be too much? 

In my head it looks good, and I would probably have the other girls in navy with a charcoal sash and add a navy sash (instead of the black) to her dress, probably even do the girls in the blue dresses with charcoal shoes, and my sister in navy shoes? 
Then just keep the groomsmen in the grey tuxes and isntead of gray ties, do navy ties??

I should add where the orange comes in.... we're doing all different shades of orange flowers. Very similar to this but without the feathers and using garden roses instead of regular ones.

 or something like this

 cause i love me dahlias and think they are gorgeous.

So they guys would have orange bouts with a navy tie and their grey tux....

Thoughts, concerns, comments (please be nice!!)

Thanks in advance.  I'm going tomorrow with my sister and a bridesmaid to try to nail this business down and any outside help will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: adding a color... pip heavy

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