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  • Thanks everyone! It is going to be very casual outdoor wedding. I would of been fine going to a courthouse or Vegas but with large families that we are very close to we decided to have a ceremony and reception. Although I did not ask whether it was appropriate or not I appreciate the suggestions. He and his guys will still wear NICE jeans,etc. I will wear a casual dress as will the BMs. I want my future husband to be comfortable, and it may be the midwest(KS) girl in me but I love a man in jeans. I'm not one to be attracted to a man in a 3 piece suit and men in khakis remind me of teachers and old men. I also want everyone just to be able to relax and have fun, not be uncomfortable wanting to change immediately after dinner. (most weddings the groomsmen end up losing their jackets and ties and the bridesmaids have no shoes or jewelry by the end of the night) It is MY day and I know it will be perfect no matter what because when  it is all said and done I will be married to my best friend. :)
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    I am from Louisiana and in my area, wedding attire varies. I have seen jeans all the way up to tuxes with tails and top hats. I thought that a wedding was supposed to be a reflection of the bride and groom. I don't think there is a such thing as 'apprpriate' wedding attire.
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    [QUOTE]My F hates getting dresses up and since we're pretty laid back people I said it would be ok for him and his guys to wear jeans and vests and ties. After thinking about it, should he wear a jacket to set himself apart or just have a diff color vest or tie?! Suggestions?
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    The original question is jacket or just vest - why titled Groom in Jeans? My fiance is wearing a colored vest, tie and long sleeve shirt  - AND jeans AND motorcycle boots. We are getting married on a mountain top and riding the HD afterward. My dress is a short 40s style. Go with WHO YOU ARE - not what everyone else says. In the end, YOU TWO are getting married, put your own stamp on it!!
  • My man is wearing jeans. And my dress is gorgeous!!! And we are all wearing cowboy boots. And the ceremony is in a very small chapel and the reception is in the nicest Inn in NH, so says Yankee Magazine. It will look amazing! And everyone will look back and say, it was perfect. My theory is, if I can pull of Jeans and pearls, them we can pull off jeans in a wedding! It is totally what "Town and Country" means. Its classy, its elegant, and its us! Rock on, girls who can pull it off.. We don't always have to do what mom, and grandma, and everyone else wants... You only live once! We win :)

  • YES!!  What PP said!  Lace dress for me....dark jeans for him.  Rustic elegance.  He's the rustic one :)
  • We're laid back and so is our wedding. My FI is wearing dress khakis, casual dress shoes, a button up shirt, tie and a vest. The groomsmen are wearing the same thing excepted they won't be wearing a vest. 
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  • I come from a VERY small farm community, and I saw lots of guys get married in jeans in a barn (and not the trendy rustic barn venues, like a legit barn they had to go clean out).
    So I don't think it's strange but it REALLY has to fit the vibe of your wedding.
    ^^^^ This. I don't think it's anyone's place to tell you and your groom (who I presume are hosting this party) what to wear. If he is comfortable in jeans and that's what he wants to wear, do it!
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