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So I'm wanting to wear a drop veil......any idea on how to wear your hair with you take them off after ceremony?! I want a plain one with no borders or anything?! Is anyone else wearing one? this is my dress
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    [QUOTE]What is a "drop veil".  I have never heard of this.
    Posted by CMGr[/QUOTE] It's one of those veils that looks like it's just draped over the brides head, not attached to a comb but still covering the brides face...hard to explain. It uses some kind of hair pin to stay in place. I'll post a pic.
    OP, I like drop veils because they're simple but different, and since your dress looks very detailed I think it would go great. I would stick to maybe fingertip length so you don't cover your train, but a sheer cathedral length would look good as well. If you wear your hair down, there might not be enough strength for the hair pins to hold the veil, so that is something to consider when you start thinking about hair. I like when the bride wears the veil for at least the first dance part of a wedding, but if it's uncomfortable to you, then there's nothing wrong with removing it for the reception.
    Drop veil with corded edge:

    <a href="" title="Click to view a larger photo" onclick="return gSiteLife.LoadForumPage('ForumImage', 'plckPhotoId', '04fb7270-8c58-46f2-a1fa-d3b9918079d2', 'plckRedirectUrl', gSiteLife.EscapeValue(window.location.href));" class="PhotoLink"> <img src="" alt="" /></a>
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    Can you show  a photo of the drop veil?
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    Where is the one you're looking at? I wasted some money as well, I bought an additional veil b/c the first one I bought just wasn't me. I wish I would have ordered my dress online, my young sister bought her gown from nissenbridal ,it took $420 cheaper than what I paid. She ordered it to her exact measurements, so it fits perfectly.also get a free gift matching veil with her requirements. as her got an absolutely amazing deal on the dress, way below budget so was really happy.
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    I wore a drop veil, it had a comb but no gathering at the comb so you could tell there was one.  My seamstress made it for me and suggested the comb since my ceremony was outside and it might get too twisted in the wind with just pins.  While I had the stylist there, we practiced putting on and taking off the veil without it messing up my hair.  My hair was all up.  With any veil it's easier to have your hair up, at least some what, so the comb has something to grab on to.
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    I think I want to do a drop veil also. I was pretty set on a birdcage, but after looking at my dress, I think this would fit better. Funny enough, when I went to a bridal salon yesterday to see how it would look on me, the consultant had no idea what a drop veil was. That wasn't very comforting. She called them flat veils. The best she could do was 2 mantilla veils. Both beautiful, but wouldn't work for my dress.

    I don't plan on wearing it for the reception, but I've see it. Depends on what your comfortable with. I might get one with a small comb attached so it sits tighter in my hair, but maybe not. So undecided!

    If you get it, definitely bring it for your hair trial. Your hairstylist will know how to work with it & make it go in/out of your hair without damaging your look. I'm doing up with veil for ceremony, 1/2 down with crystal headband for reception.
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    thank you all for all your replies, they are relitivly new, kate and williams wedding is when they made their big break out. I am going with one that is cathedril*spelling* length. I am going for a very light airy etherial look and the veil going all the way past my train was pretty amazing. the stylist said with these veils that if I were to wear my hair up because of the size of my head it'd make it look like i almost had a stacked head!! yikes!!! lol so I'm going with down! it's pretty amazing! so angelic, just what I was going for!!!
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